10 of the Best Hotels for an Olu Deniz Holiday

The Turkish Riviera is one of the most beautiful and affordable places to indulge in a luxury holiday. Scattered along this pristine Mediterranean coast are towns of varying sizes that offer a wide range of activities, from scuba diving in shipwrecks to paragliding to exploring ancient history. One of the best resort centers is in Ölü Deniz, which means “Dead Sea”–a reference to the beautiful calm that its waters experience even during stormy weather. Here is a quick guide to excellent hotels to choose from in the area:

Liberty Hotels Ölü Deniz

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Not far from the gorgeous beach, this tasteful resort offers a great range of services for families as well as couples and singles. Kids will have a great time in their separate pool and buffet area, and adults will appreciate the “silent pool” that gives them a degree of peace. Formerly known as Asena Beach, Liberty Hotels Ölü Deniz allows you to choose from a wide variety of games and activities, and partake in their especially good Turkish bath and spa center.

Hotel Alize

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Welcoming and stylish, Hotel Alize is an affordable and comfortable option. With occasional Turkish nights on offer, you can get a nice dose of culture in with your relaxation time. The outdoor pool has waterslides to keep the kids busy, and the setting at the base of the mountains is quite idyllic. As the hotel is set back from the beach slightly (though still very easy to access), you’ll find the price to be quite reasonable for the level of service and luxury you’ll get.

Perdikia Beach

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Just a few hundred meters away from Blue Lagoon, the most photographed beach on the Mediterranean, Perdikia Beach is an attractive resort with beautiful gardens and a calm atmosphere. You’ll especially enjoy its friendly staff and extensive range of activities, including a large fitness center and spa. There are excellent local restaurants and bars very close by as well, making this a good choice for location, friendliness, and overall offerings. Good for families, groups, and couples.

Blue Lagoon Hotel

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Some places are just perfect for relaxing. Lazy days by the pool, excellent massage services, and hospitable staff among modern and comfortable surroundings–the Blue Lagoon Hotel has it all. Located in the center of Ölü Deniz, this comfortable hotel has great views of the mountains (including the hundreds of paragliders that leap off daily from the top of Babada?, “the mountain of the father”) and is very close to the beach. This is an excellent choice for anyone that is ready to just relax their vacation away.

Hotel Marcan Beach

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This is probably the closest you can sleep to the beach without falling asleep while sunbathing. Hotel Marcan Beach offers simple, friendly accommodation in between the main resort center and the water’s edge, meaning that your close to everything and will never want for anything. Enjoy games, separate pools for adults and kids, spacious rooms, and very friendly staff looking out for you. If you want to go out for a night on the town, you’re close to a variety of bars and clubs that are open late.

Hotel Belechan Beach

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Impressively calm given how close it is to the active center of the resort community, Hotel Belechan Beach is overlooked by mountains and set within a cool and relaxing garden. Especially popular with families, this affordable hotel is inclusive and welcoming. The feeling of being at home is heightened by the genuine hospitality of the staff, comfort of the rooms, and number of repeat guests that seem to find their way back here for their holidays year after year. It is one of the highest rated properties in the area, according to TripAdvisor.

Montebello Resort

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Featuring two restaurants and frequent evening entertainment, Montebello Resort is a great choice for holidaymakers that crave variety. Pick from excellent local food (Turkish cuisine can be both Mediterranean, with great salads and mezze platters, and heartily Middle Eastern, with elegantly spiced lamb and beef kebab dishes featuring creative sauces and garnishes) and international options. Great views of Babada? and the sea await from your terrace. What more could you ask for?

Mavruka Hotel

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Close to the beach, with spacious surroundings and an attractive pool, the Mavruka Hotel is another popular choice. The mountain backdrop gives the hotel an exotic quality, and is characteristic of southern Turkey. Comfortable and friendly, the staff here excel at making you feel welcome. Come here if you don’t want to be bothered by anything and just hope to spend your days lounging by the beach or pool. You won’t regret it.

Lykia World

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Wow! If there was ever an all-inclusive resort community, this is it. You’ll never need to leave this hub of activity, as Lykia World has its own large stretch of sandy beach, 19 swimming pools, 19 tennis courts, 14 bars, 9 restaurants, rock climbing wall, 3-hole golf course, large-screen cinema, and 22,000 square meter Children’s Paradise center. Go waterskiing, take yoga or pilates classes, or spend time with a personal trainer in the high-tech and extensive gym. Totally self-contained and relaxing.

Hotel Karbel Sun

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With special attention to high-quality cuisine prepared by in-house specialty chefs, the Hotel Karbel Sun is a great choice for those that just want to veg out by the pool or on the beach. With shady gardens, plenty of space and activities to keep kids entertained and happy, and transportation options inland or down the coast, you’ll always find a new way to enjoy your holiday. Variety, comfort, and hospitality–it’s all here.

Ölü Deniz is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday destinations, and with good reason. On your next holiday, stay at one of these excellent hotels and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing on previous vacations. This is the place to enjoy unparalleled luxury–take advantage of it.