3 Beautiful Alternatives for Your Honeymoon



Barcelona is one of Europe’s top mini-breaks destinations; its size is perfect for a long weekend. It is full of romantic charm; from charming hotels and restaurants to romantic activities such as hot air balloon rides to strolls along the beach.

Enjoy a picnic high up in the skies of Barcelona as you traverse the city in style in a hot air balloon trip and explore the magic of the city below. To save time, hop on the Barcelona tourist bus to get around all the sights you want to see.

Take a romantic stroll along the fabulous beach and have fun enjoying a sip of your favorite drink as you hold hands while taking in the glorious dusk. The Barceloneta Beach is excellent with numerous restaurants offering fresh sea food directly from the sea. The Icaria beach is the next suitable beach to visit when Barceloneta is crowded.

Visit the breathtaking Magic Fountains of Montjuic in front of the Barcelona Palace; it is a spectacular display of color, light, motion, music and water acrobatics. All these elements together are just the right combination for pure magic.


Morocco is an exotic destination with a lot of romantic charm lined up for you. From articulate riads inspired by local Berber culture to Bedouin camps in the Sahara and the long stretches of fabulous beaches, you will be spoilt for choice.

Take a walk through the meandering streets of Morocco and explore the bustling activities in this fascinating city home to fire jugglers and snake charmers. Sit in the high-end restaurants of Djemma El Fna square and enjoy watching the scene, go through the souks and intrigue your senses with the heaps of colorful spices, buy a love potion from the Berbers and probably try if it works. In the evening relax in the romantic riads of Marrakech.

Enjoy royal treatment at Kasbah du Toubkal and have the time of your life in this comfortable mountain refuge; it is an epitome of beauty and tranquility. You can explore the enchanting Toubkal National Park from here.


Maldives is a fantastic honeymoon destination owing to its spectacular islands, fine sandy beaches and sunny weather. It boasts of fabulous island resorts, luxurious cruising vessels and is a popular hub for diving, snorkeling, surfing and spa treatments. It also usually has some excellent luxury honeymoon packages to offer newlyweds. It is a fun place to begin your life together, the moments you create here will tighten your bonds ready to face the promising future together.

Stay in a resort island where short bare feet walk from your bungalow leads you to every little corner of the island. You can do as you wish in this secluded island away from prying eyes. In the inhabited islands the religion strictly prohibits indecency, but in your very own island you can enjoy sunbathing.

Cruise through the pristine waters exploring the atolls and the lush vegetation of the coastline. Cruising vessels vary from smaller boats to luxurious ships with exclusive facilities.

Pay a visit to Male the capital of Maldives where traditional and modern cultures blend together in harmony. It is a center of bustling activities with excellent shopping facilities and exotic atmosphere.


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