3 Ways that Candles can Brighten Up Your Home

Are you looking for a cheap and easy way to change up the atmosphere of your home? Maybe you want to warm things up, create a cozy vibe or add some color and personality to a bare room. Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, candles are a perfect way to add some style without even coming close to breaking your budget! And there are so many creative ways to use them all throughout your home, that you’ll never run out of ideas. So pick up an assortment of Yankee candles and get started bringing to life some of our creative ideas:


In the kitchen/dining room

Everyone knows that it always feels more elegant to eat with “mood lighting”, and you can create this with candlelight. Set candles on your dining table to create a romantic vibe any night of the week. You can light candles while you’re cooking as well to create an air of luxury. On the dining table, you can fill a large glass bowl with water and set some floating candles all lit up for a lovely centerpiece.

In the bathroom

The bathroom is a perfect place to enjoy the benefits of candlelight. Enjoy a luxurious spa-like atmosphere by placing candles near your bathtub and lighting them before sinking in for a warm soak. You will love to enjoy the candle scent while relaxing after a long day. Pillar candleholders of different heights around the bathtub can help create a spa atmosphere as well.

In the bedroom

If you’re looking to amp up the romantic vibe of your bedroom, candles are the perfect way to do it. Avoid using overhead lighting, as it is so harsh and really kills the romantic mood. Instead, use dim lights and light some candles to place around the bedside tables or anywhere you might want to have a little extra mood lighting.

In the living room

Candles in your living room create a cozy and cheerful atmosphere for visitors. You can buy candles in a variety of scents, so keep in mind the sort of vibe that you want to create. Bright and citrusy fragrances are reminiscent of summer, while lavender is quite relaxing. Vanilla is always a great choice to add some sweetness and a relaxing factor to your room.

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