8 Foods to Try in Malaysia

Such a multicultural country such as Malaysia is fortunate to have many influences over their cuisine, including Chinese, Indian, and other South Asian countries. Here are 8 great things to try when you’re there:

Satay A simple yet staple and delicious Malaysian specialty, the satay is meat marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce then cooked on sticks over a barbecue and served with peanut sauce or any other number of toppings and sides. Tumeric is a necessary ingredient to give the satay its recognizable yellow color.

Laska Translating approximately to “noodles in tangy fish soup,” laska actually doesn’t taste very fishy at all. Rather, the aromatic herbs take over and topped with cucumber, cucumber, lettuce, pineapple, onion and mint, this noodle soup is brought to a new level.

Nasi Lemak This dish, meaning “rice in cream,” compliments the other Malaysian side dishes perfectly. White rice is soaked in coconut cream then wrapped in a banana leaf and served with nearly anything that you want to taste absolutely amazing!


Malaysian Curry Typically using chicken or fish, this dish is a staple in nearly all Malaysian homes. The spice level will very depending on where you try it, but look for variations with lemongrass, tamarind and fresh turmeric.

Roti Canai Originally from India, this is a rich pastry pancake that is now a staple Malaysian appetizer. It’s usually eaten with the hands which makes it a convenient breakfast or snack! In its final form, the roti are crispy and flaky outside, but fluffy inside.

Grilled Stingray Dust off your adventurous side and give this fatal fish a try! Usually wrapped in banana leaf, the stingray is marinated in a combination of spices and grilled to perfection. It’s flaky, delicate texture soaks up all the flavors like a dream.

Nasi Campur Get ready to sample everything when you order Nasi Campur; you’ll get a serving of rice with small servings of various other dishes. They’ll vary depending on region, but may include coconut curries, spiced vegetables, fish, or other meats.


Hokkien Mee Comprised of thick yellow noodles braised in soy sauce and gravy and mixed with pork, squid or prawns, this dish is an absolute must-try in Malaysia. People eat this at all times of day, from lunchtime to a late-night snack! It’s especially delicious drizzled with lime.

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