5 Reasons To Take a UK Holiday In 2019

Us Brits love nothing more than a foreign holiday, a chance to get some sun on our backs and to to take some time out from our daily lives for a while. With cheap flights and great package deals it is easy to see why so many head abroad, but how many of you like to take your holidays in the UK. For sure many of us take long weekends or the odd overnighter in the UK, but what about a domestic holiday for your 2019 fortnight away? Here are just 5 reasons why holidaying in the UK could be the answer in 2019.



Although the majority of foreign destinations which Brits go to are fully geared up for them, there is something that is just easier about a UK holiday. By this we mean that you are familiar with everything, the lingo, the currency, the culture and the way of life. You’d be surprised at how many occasions this familiarity will make your holiday run that little bit smoother.


Train and bus travel is very cheap in the UK if you get your tickets in advance or you can even opt to road trip it for you vacation. Even in a world of super cheap flights, you will actually find that domestic travel is far cheaper and that can help you cut down on the cost of your holiday. When it comes to accommodation you could look at B and Bs, reasonably priced hotels like Travelodges and Premier Inns or even have a look at camping options. Last year we stayed in one of the best campsites in Cornwall and the family absolutely loved it!


Staying in the UK for your holiday will directly benefit the economy, as well as helping out many Brits who are in the holiday trade. Many tourists flock to British shores each year but the majority will hit the likes of London and Edinburgh, a trip to Pembrokeshire for example could certainly mean doing your bit help out the local community there. This of course isn’t a civic duty but it is a nice benefit of staying local for your holiday.

Open Your Eyes

We may be just a small island here but we have an incredibly diverse landscape with so much to explore and discover. I am always surprised, and a touch embarrassed about the wonderful things that we have right on our doorstep that we often overlook. Exploring the UK is just as fun as exploring any other country, you will be surprised at what you find.


The UK coastline is one of the most beautiful in Europe and it makes for the perfect place to explore and discover. You will find castles, miles upon miles of sand dunes, crags, rugged cliffs and some stunning vistas along the edge of this great island of ours.

Why not try something different next year and set off on a trip right here in the UK instead of heading abroad, you’ll be amazed at what you will discover!

Here is where we stayed in Cornwall, if you happen to be in the area I  would certainly recommend it.

Perran Springs Holiday Park