5 Reasons Why Tenerife is Great for Budget Travelers

Traveling on a budget? Join the many thousands of other backpackers who are aching to see the world but don’t have a ton of money to spend. Luckily, the Canary Island of Tenerife is a great spot to enjoy gorgeous island life, without breaking the bank. Not only are there plenty of cheap flights to Tenerife from all over Europe, but there are tons of cheap and free things to do on the island as well! So what on earth are you waiting for? With so much to see, there’s not a minute to waste. Pack your bags to Tenerife and get to work on this awesome list of activities for the budget-savvy traveler:


Hike a volcano

Bring your hiking shoes to Tenerife because with so many incredible landforms here, you’ll want to climb them to reach the most beautiful views of the island. On Tenerife, you can actually ascend the highest point in all of Spain: Mt. Teide. The dormant volcano is 3718 meters high and is surrounded by a gorgeous national park you can explore as well.

Swim in rock pools

Staying with the outdoor adventure theme, Tenerife has got some amazing natural places to swim! The volcanic activity on the island has created some breathtaking rock pools at Garachico, where many travelers flock to immerse in the fresh waters.

Enjoy the colorful Carnival

If you are lucky enough to be in Tenerife during Feburary or March, you’ll get to experience their outrageous Carnival celebrations! The exhilerating fiesta will blow all of your senses as the parades and parties last all day and night. Wherever you are, you’ll get to experience the local flavor of the Carnival, as each town celebrates in its own unique way.

Go for a picnic

Picnicking isn’t just something to do on Tenerife to save cash on a meal – it’s actually quite a tradition among the locals. On the weekends, locals on Tenerife flock to the parks and green areas with food and merry spirits to enjoy meals of local cheese and wine along with plenty of singing amidst the trees. You can go during the week to enjoy the peace of nature, or picnic on the weekend to enjoy the local flavor.

Enjoy free music

Tenerife is one island that loves its music culture, so you’ll find plenty of free musical festivals and concerts all around. There is always music involved in the local festivals and Carnival, but you’ll often find random music events in bars and cafes, or in the town square on various nights of the week. Go with an open mind and you just might discover your new favorite artist there!

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