5 Things that Suck About Coming Home

Sometimes with a long trip, you find that you’re just not really ready to end it. Your adventures around the globe have been wonderful, it’s winter back in your home country, and the prospect of going back to work or school is just plain depressing. Here are five more things to remind you about why you really wish you were still on a beach in Indonesia and not going back to the real world:


5 things that Suck 21. Routine

After the wild adventure of romping around the world, never knowing for sure where you’ll be next week, and always seeing new things, coming back to a life of daily routine can be difficult. This readjustment is particularly difficult if that same sense of routine is what you were hoping to escape in the first place by engaging in long-term travel. The best way to approach this situation is to treat it as an opportunity to make money for the next big trip. It’s gotta come from somewhere.


2. The food

Brits and Americans? Sorry, but your (our) food sucks. Going from cheap, amazing dishes all around to bland imitations that cost five times as much as the real thing is not a fun experience. You’ll immediately miss the availability, taste, and cost of everything that you’ve been surrounded by until now. To combat this, take a cooking class while you’re abroad and learn to make a few of your favorite dishes.


5 Things that Suck 13. The airport

Arriving home can include a warm welcome from friends and family, or it can be a dreary return to reality. See if you can organize a welcoming committee before you arrive to prevent a lonely entrance. Also, make sure you’re not getting stuck with a massive parking bill on arrival. If you have to leave a vehicle at the airport, use sites like Parking4less.com to secure better rates.


4. Responsibilities

When you’re traveling, you really don’t have to worry about anything but taking care of yourself and being nice to the people you meet. Back home, there are bills to pay, jobs to keep, family to support, and studies to undertake. You’re no longer a kid, and once you’re not on vacation anymore, it’s time to be a responsible adult. Sorry, but that’s just life. I don’t have any advice on what to do about that.


5 things that Suck 35. Prices

Get ready for the biggest shock of all when you return home. After living on a budget of a few dollars a day for food and lodging, reentering the real world of $10 lunches and $80 hotels can be excruciating. You’ll have to quickly adjust your mindset. The only plus side of this is that your months of watching every baht or lira abroad will come in handy in your spending habits back home. You may find that you’re much better at saving cash now than you were before your trip.


Every good thing must come to an end, and a round-the-world tramp is no exception. When you come home, you have a lot of adjusting to do, and not all of it will be fun. But on the plus side, you can look forward to seeing your friends and family, and having plenty of time to plan for the next big adventure.


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