7 Local Foods to Try Around the World in 2017

One of the greatest things about travelling is the ability to try new foods. Travelling should be about stepping outside your comfort zone and new things.   Just because you can find McDonald’s in many countries doesn’t mean you have to go there.  Sometimes the food may seem strange, or have exotic ingredients that you can’t obtain at home but sometimes it may just be a different way of presenting ingredients you can find anywhere in the world.  If the name of the dish is too hard to pronounce just point at the menu and smile when ordering.  You may love the dish or you may hate but at least you will know that you tried something outside of your comfort zone.

Poke, Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its coffee, fabulous surfing, and its beautiful scenery.  But there is also Poke.  Poke is a raw seafood salad seasoned with different ingredients like soya sauce, sesame seeds, dried seaweed, wasabi, crushed chili, and other fresh ingredients.  Traditionally it is made with octopus, or aku (oily tuna) but you can also find Poke with yellow tuna, shellfish, or salmon.   It is a fabulous way to enjoy freshly caught seafood that will melt in your mouth. 

Strukli, Croatia

If you are travelling through Croatia you must give Strukli a try.  It is thinly rolled wheat dough spread with cheese, eggs, sour cream, and salt.  The dough is rolled into a roll, cut into slices and then baked in a pan.  This hearty dish is delicious and must be tried.

Haggis in Scotland: 

After a day of looking at ancient castles, and bright green fields that have not changed in hundreds of years you should try a traditional dish that is also hundreds of years old.  Haggis is the perfect way to end your day.  It is a sheep’s stomach that is stuffed with sheep’s liver, heart, and lungs, suet, seasoning and oatmeal.   You can wash it all down with some fabulous locally brewed beer and know that you are eating a meal that was once enjoyed by royalty.

 Casa Marzu In Italy: 

Italy is known for its mouth-watering food like pasta dishes, pizza, cured meats, and cheeses.  If you travel to Sardinia you can get something extra with your cheese.  Casa Marzu is a salty sheep’s milk cheese that has living maggots in it.  The cheese is left in the sun to allow the flies to lay their eggs in it.  This world famous delicacy is only available here so you must give it a try.

Baleadas, Honduras

After a day spent on a beautiful beach in Honduras you must try Baleadas.  This traditional local dish consists of a flour tortilla (white or buckwheat) often quite thick that is filled with mashed fried beans and then folded in half.  This simple traditional dish is tasty and filling and you will be glad that you tried it. 

Grasshoppers in Mexico: 

Mexican food has really made a niche in the North American culture.  Most families make tacos, fajitas, burritos or quesadillas at home or have a favourite restaurant on speed dial.  But grasshoppers are a popular Mexican snack that needs to be tried while travelling through Mexico.  The grasshoppers are seasoned with chili and lime and then fried.  The bugs are high in protein, crunchy, and delicious.  You may get some legs stuck in your teeth so be sure to bring your dental floss with you