8 Reasons to Visit Barbados

“Oh, I’m going to Barbados. Oh, back to the island.” Ah, the famous words of Totally Tropical in their pop classic from 1975. Well, if you are going to Barbados then you have made a wise decision. And if you have not booked a break to Barbados, then you should consider doing so immediately. If you need some further persuasion here are 8 reasons to visit the beautiful island of Barbados:

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1) Surfing

This might not be the first thing you think about when you hear the name Barbados but it is a great destination for surfers and there are even regular competitions held here.

2) Flowers

The climate in Barbados means that there are some stunning examples of flora, and some gorgeous flowers. Orchid World is a top place to visit if you want to explore this delicate plant in more detail.

3) Historic ruins

The colonial past of Barbados means that there are some historic buildings and ruins to explore of you are a history buff. These buildings can be found in towns or hidden away in mountains so you could run across one at any time on your break.

4) Horse riding

Sure you CAN rise horses in a lot of countries but you can’t ride them on a beautiful white sandy beach with the sun setting over the refulgent sea in any country. This is a special place to enjoy a ride on an equine friend.

5) Beaches

This is what Barbados has in abundance. Beautiful beaches with palm trees and gorgeous white sand make this an island that is well worth visiting. Make sure you don’t miss out on West Coast Beach in particular. It is stunning.

6) Diving

Get your scuba on in Barbados and you will find a whole wonderful world under the sea, of tropical fish, corral and all kinds of creatures that you never dreamed of before.

7) Wildlife

As well as the amazing tropical fish you can see loads of other wildlife in Barbados. From monkeys to parrots and much more, there is a rich ecosystem to explore in Barbados.

8) Swim with turtles

To continue the wildlife theme, another reason to visit Barbados is that you can swim with turtles. The giant turtles are truly beautiful creatures and you will always remember your swim with them.

So, are you looking for holidays to barbados? With these reasons you really should!

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