A Taste of Viennese Kaffehouse Culture

Vienna’s charming coffee house culture is part of what makes it such a unique and enjoyable city to visit. Often called “public living rooms”, the many ornately decorated coffee houses lining the city’s streets display tempting cakes and pastries as patrons chat, reflect and sip coffee at all hours of the day. They are a place where old Austrian traditions are preserved and time stands still, a Kaffeehaus with a heart and a soul. Here are some great coffee houses to try when you’re there:

Café Sacher For the full elegant Viennese experience of a coffee house, you’d be hard pressed to find a café more suited than Sacher, housed in an ornately decorated building and filled with a glamorous and very traditional atmosphere. But the real feature at Café Sacher is its namesake, the original Sachertorte. It’s Vienna’s signature chocolate cake- rich and pure with a thin layer of apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing- and you’ll find it all over the city, but here is its birthplace.

Café Mozart This café has been a meeting point for writers and artists for years, and with such a name as Mozart, you’ll undoubtedly need to wait for a table here. But it’s worth the wait for the experience, as you’ll enjoy coffee surrounded by the rich wood paneling, polished mirrors, classic furnishings and glittering chandeliers that bring you straight back to old Vienna. They have 15 kinds of coffee to choose from and a tantalizing array of pastries.











Café Landtmann Located at Vienna’s majestic Ringstrasse, Café Landtmann is known to be one of the hubs for politicians and important managers in Vienna. More than just simple coffee and pastries, they have excellent culinary options including a full English breakfast and a gourmet lunch menu. Try the mélange, the Viennese version of a café latte.

Café Diglas Said to be the oldest café in Vienna, Café Diglas is truly the quintessential Viennese café. They serve up traditional Viennese food like bratwurst and wiener schnitzel along with the requisite coffee and pastries, all in a lovely chic atmosphere of red velvet booths and marble tables. But the true star here is the strudel: You know you’re going to get some of the best strudel of the world in Vienna, and here at Café Diglas…it was the best I had in Vienna!

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