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French Riviera - Kir

A Wine Lover’s Tour of the French Riviera

Most travelers come to the Côte d’Azur first and foremost for its magnetic coast. The beaches are of course the main attractions along France’s south eastern coast that stretches from Cassis to the Italian border, and are the main draw for chic travelers staying at

romance in st lucia

Falling in Love on the Road

Finding love while travelling. Some may ask, is it possible? I say, yes it is!   But likewise, finding love and being on the road often can be a struggle. It’s either you can maintain a relationship apart,  just give a travel some spark with


5 Canadian classics for a romantic meal

Canadian cuisine is one big stewing pot of different flavors. Traditional dishes from English Canada can be traced back to British and American menus. Likewise, favored meals in the French provinces have evolved over the years from their European counterparts. Today, travellers from all over

Hotel Taylor - Paris

Romantic Getaway to Paris

Dreaming of a romantic getaway to Paris but wondering if you can afford the high price tag for accommodations?  You can afford some beautiful accommodation at budget prices right in central Paris if you check out sites like Hostelbookers, to discover some very comfortable, yet


What to eat on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca gets its name because of the amazing stretch of white sand beaches that run for 150 miles from Gandia in the north to Torrevieja in the south, with Benidorm and Alicante the two major cities along the way. The whole coastline has

benefits traveling with Internet

5 Reasons Why Travelers Can’t Live Without The Internet

When you’re out exploring the world, is there any point in checking into the World Wide Web? Yes. While USA Today insists that the Internet is essential for business travel, it is just as important for those leisurely on vacation. Simply put, the Internet makes traveling

tel aviv beaches

City Breaks Around The World

Travelling to the most popular tourist cities in the world can be a lot of fun, but you’re also not going to have the most interesting stories to tell. The reason for this is because there’s a good chance whoever you’re talking to has also

turkey beaches

Discover Turkey’s Turquoise Coast on foot

The Turquoise Coast in Turkey has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape the crowds if you visit the region. One of the best ways to discover it is on foot, as there is a host


The Rules of the Spanish Siesta

I am a big-time fan of afternoon siestas. Your body loves them too as there are many proven benefits for taking a daily snooze. These include: More energy Improved productivity Improved alertness Reduced stress Improved communication skills Increase in happiness and wellbeing Siestas have been