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benefits traveling with Internet

5 Reasons Why Travelers Can’t Live Without The Internet

When you’re out exploring the world, is there any point in checking into the World Wide Web? Yes. While USA Today insists that the Internet is essential for business travel, it is just as important for those leisurely on vacation. Simply put, the Internet makes traveling

tel aviv beaches

City Breaks Around The World

Travelling to the most popular tourist cities in the world can be a lot of fun, but you’re also not going to have the most interesting stories to tell. The reason for this is because there’s a good chance whoever you’re talking to has also

turkey beaches

Discover Turkey’s Turquoise Coast on foot

The Turquoise Coast in Turkey has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape the crowds if you visit the region. One of the best ways to discover it is on foot, as there is a host


The Rules of the Spanish Siesta

I am a big-time fan of afternoon siestas. Your body loves them too as there are many proven benefits for taking a daily snooze. These include: More energy Improved productivity Improved alertness Reduced stress Improved communication skills Increase in happiness and wellbeing Siestas have been

eating fugu, a type of sashimi, in Japan

Japanese Cuisine: Top 7 Foods to Try

Asian cuisine features a rainbow of delicious dishes and flavours that will tantalize anyone’s taste buds. In Japan, the geography lends itself to an expansive fishing industry. Seafood, along with beef, pork, chicken and numerous veggies, are used in a myriad of delicacies and comfort


Exotic Tours to Ladakh

If you’re an active holidaymaker looking to avoid the more conventional European ski trip or UK based adventure holidays then look no further than the beautiful Indian region of Ladakh. With established trekking routes, white water rafting and mountaineering to challenge both the experienced and