Best Desserts to Try in Paris

Eating dessert in Paris is the ultimate win-win activity- no matter where you go, you’re in for some of the most sumptuous and delectable treats you’ve ever laid your taste buds on! Head into any corner patisserie for coffee and a croissant or pain au chocolat and you’ll never be disappointed. But this guide will lead you to some of the very best desserts at some of the most highly-regarded patisseries and cafes in the City of Lights- so check some off your list when you go to visit!

Café Angelina- Hot Chocolate They call their version of the rich, chocolate drink “L’africaine”it’s so thick that when you buy it by the bottle, it doesn’t move when you turn it upside down. Heated up, it’s rich and velvety with a dark chocolate flavor that warms the soul as you enjoy the grand tea room in the shadow of the Louvre.

Pierre Herme- Macaroons When a macaroon is done perfectly, it’s like biting into a cloud of heaven, with a light and fluffy meringue surrounding perfectly rich ganache and a delicate chewy texture bringing it all together. There’s not another cookie like it, and Pierre Herme’s version is simply delightful.

LadureeChocolate Mousse These decadent pastry shops are located all over the city, with seven-page long menus filled with mouthwatering dessert options. From macaroons to sorbet and pastries, you can get a small snack or just go all out on the chocolate zabaglione mousse– with four layers and textures of chocolate: syrup, icing, cake and biscuit.

Berthillon- Ice cream Famous for ice cream, Berthillon produces incredibly creamy and rich flavors with everything from the expected vanilla, chocolate and fruits to rotating flavors such as salted caramel and roasted pistachio. It’s absolutely some of the best in the city and located right next to Notre Dame so a great stop during a day of sightseeing.

Dalloyau- Opera cake This is the place that made Opera cake famous, and they’ve been serving up a superb version for over 100 years here hat Dalloyau. The cake is layered with kahlua-soaked biscuits, coffee buttercream and bittersweet chocolate ganache- appropriate for dessert or even breakfast with a coffee! They also have other lovely and unique cakes and desserts here which look too good to eat- but do it anyway!

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