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Top 5 reasons to check out Alaska

It is challenging to write a list of only 5 reasons to check out Alaska when there are so many reasons to see this beautiful part of North America. As the largest state in the country, it is a place that encompasses some of the

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Hanzo: An Alluring Journey into Nikkei Cuisine

By Barbara de Mul   A Nikkei is a Japanese emigrant or a descendant thereof who is not a citizen of Japan. Peru has over 100 000 citizens of Japanese descent but here, Nikkei designates the blooming industry of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, a well established element

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Wine tasting in the Algarve

When people think of European wine tasting holidays, the first destination that springs to mind is probably France – the land of wine and cheese. However, those looking for a vino sampling holiday with a difference might like to consider a summer holiday in Portugal – voted the

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Roaming around Rome

Rome was founded in 753BC, making it one of the most ancient cities in Europe and the only one to have a state within its boundaries, the Vatican. The Rome Metropolitan Area has a population of approximately four million. Rome is the capital of Italy,

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What to Eat in Chile

Many people think they are familiar with Latin American food, but each country has its own variations and specialities. Chile is no exception in this. Walking tours of Patagonia are bound to help build a real appetite, so you will be perfectly placed to tuck in

Crane Beach Barbados

Beauty in abundance

Swaying palms, blinding blue sea, white sand, beating sun … can you picture a more idyllic scene? A year-around destination, Barbados is a dream island, with the picture-postcard beach scenes available to you every single day. Lively and popular with us Brits, Barbados is also

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8 Reasons to Visit Barbados

“Oh, I’m going to Barbados. Oh, back to the island.” Ah, the famous words of Totally Tropical in their pop classic from 1975. Well, if you are going to Barbados then you have made a wise decision. And if you have not booked a break


The benefits of becoming a vegetarian

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to become a vegetarian. Whether it’s for health reasons, to help protect the environment or simply to save money, there is a lot to gain from a vegetarian lifestyle. Help prevent global warming One of the increasingly

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Four perfect African Honeymoon Locations

When choosing a honeymoon destination, couples often opt for something totally out of the ordinary – something truly memorable and special to begin married life. It’s no wonder then that Africa – with its dramatic wildlife, breathtaking scenery and fascinating culture – is such a


The Best Frites (fries) in Brussels

Belgium is known for its waffles, chocolate, beer, mussels, and of course frites. Belgians chomp down on an average of 75kg (165 pounds) of frites a year, an astounding third more than Americans do. Frites are a passion. They commonly use the flavorful and slightly