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The World’s Most Beautiful Locations

The World’s Most Beautiful Locations

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, many people’s presents were the promise of a holiday to a romantic destination. News outlets, including CNN, have published their lists of cities to visit this year, highlighting the romance of Paris, Cape Town and Honolulu. Others choose to


How to choose the right credit card

Credit cards can be a fantastic way to help you manage your money, I have found them extremely useful for my everyday life and an absolute essential tool for me when I am on my travels. I have found myself picking a number of free


Drive to deliciousness with a road trip to Bologna

If you love Italian food and want to go to a destination where its traditions really shine through – and that also has plenty of regional specialities – I thoroughly recommend Bologna. This charming city is a veritable heaven for foodies, having been the birthplace


Learn to savour the fine wines of Bordeaux

Learning to appreciate the difference between a cheap supermarket bottle of plonk and a fine French wine can be a daunting prospect. Not only are there countless terms to try and get your head around, but many guides are guilty of being insufferably pretentious, potentially


Festive food traditions from around the world

The UK We all know what is involved in a good Christmas dinner. In Britain, we like our vegetables to be numerous, our turkey to be big and our gravy to be wet. Christmas dinner is often the most important part of the celebration for

Orlando For The Entire Family

The sunshine state, also known as Florida, is home to some of the best theme parks in the world. Massive sites consisting of thrilling rides and entertaining shows can keep even the adults occupied. Orlando is not just a great destination for the family because

Christmas food around the world

It is almost that time when you have to start thinking about cooking Christmas dinner again. You know what this entails: fighting over a turkey at the supermarket, discovering that you need to cleave through its legs to fit it into the oven, cooking Brussels

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How To Make Fool-Proof Cake Pops

In recent years, the popularity of cake pops has exploded, with every mother, woman and child looking to make these tasty treats. Cake pops are basically small cakes in the shape of lollypops, and they’re either coated with chocolate or icing, resulting in a delightful

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Hanzo: An Alluring Journey into Nikkei Cuisine

By Barbara de Mul   A Nikkei is a Japanese emigrant or a descendant thereof who is not a citizen of Japan. Peru has over 100 000 citizens of Japanese descent but here, Nikkei designates the blooming industry of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, a well established element

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Wine tasting in the Algarve

When people think of European wine tasting holidays, the first destination that springs to mind is probably France – the land of wine and cheese. However, those looking for a vino sampling holiday with a difference might like to consider a summer holiday in Portugal – voted the