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Luxury Holidays in Costa Rica

With bountiful options suitable for any budget, Costa Rica is a popular destination for penny-pinching backpackers and well-to-do holidaymakers alike. Plenty of attention has been given in the past to making your way through Latin America on a tight budget, but whole new doors are


10 of the Best Hotels for an Olu Deniz Holiday

The Turkish Riviera is one of the most beautiful and affordable places to indulge in a luxury holiday. Scattered along this pristine Mediterranean coast are towns of varying sizes that offer a wide range of activities, from scuba diving in shipwrecks to paragliding to exploring


Discovering Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Growing up in the Emerald City, I have an innate affinity for seafood, coffee, and farmers markets. Sometimes I even forget that Pike Place Market is so world famous, because to me, it’s just the liveliest place to go in the city to find the


The Search for the Best Street Food in Athens

Traveling to Athens for Christmas of 2010, my traveling mates and I were so excited to immerse ourselves in one of the world’s oldest cities, explore the Parthenon, Oracle of Delphi and other ancient ruins. We were beyond thrilled to visit the gorgeous island of


San Sebastian: A Tapas-Lover’s Dream

I was fortunate to stop in San Sebastian on a whim, with a couple of days to spend before a flight out of Bilbao, and quickly found that I had landed smack in the middle of Foodie Mecca: land of the famous Basque-style tapas called

Vegan Apple Cake

Couchsurfing with a Vegan in Berlin

On my second visit to Berlin, I used Couchsurfing to meet a super cool guy who offered to host me for a few nights. If you haven’t heard of or used Couchsurfing, definitely check it out- it promotes a very real style of travel that