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What to Eat in Chile

Many people think they are familiar with Latin American food, but each country has its own variations and specialities. Chile is no exception in this. Walking tours of Patagonia are bound to help build a real appetite, so you will be perfectly placed to tuck in

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8 Reasons to Visit Barbados

“Oh, I’m going to Barbados. Oh, back to the island.” Ah, the famous words of Totally Tropical in their pop classic from 1975. Well, if you are going to Barbados then you have made a wise decision. And if you have not booked a break


The benefits of becoming a vegetarian

There are a lot of reasons for wanting to become a vegetarian. Whether it’s for health reasons, to help protect the environment or simply to save money, there is a lot to gain from a vegetarian lifestyle. Help prevent global warming One of the increasingly

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Four perfect African Honeymoon Locations

When choosing a honeymoon destination, couples often opt for something totally out of the ordinary – something truly memorable and special to begin married life. It’s no wonder then that Africa – with its dramatic wildlife, breathtaking scenery and fascinating culture – is such a

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A little taste of Maui

It would be apt to say the cuisine of the Hawaiian islands is a fusion of many foods. These foods were brought to the islands by the immigrants and then fused together with the indigenous produce already there. American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian and Portuguese

Three Great Train Journeys For the Pioneering Adventurer in You

Nowadays, when we think of traveling, we don’t really think about how we’re getting there – we just want to get to our choice destination as quickly within our budget as possible so that we can spend as much time in that location as possible. 

Things To Do On Your Antigua Sailing Holiday

Antigua is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and every year millions of sun-seeking tourists flock to the island to experience the culture, food and luxury entertainment. Also known as Wadadli, Antigua is one of the West Indies’ Leeward Islands, and was


What should you eat while in Alicante?

Spain has long been recognised as an amazing destination for foodies and, no matter where in the country you go, you’re certain to have the opportunity to tuck into delicious dishes. One place that I think is particularly good for those eager to try fantastic

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Great Food That’s Great for the Environment

The well-being of our environment has become an increasing concern to Americans. One of the biggest ways the environment is affected is by the restaurant industry. states that, “The production, processing, transportation, and packaging of food can all contribute to environmental damage”. Fortunately, a

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City Break Holiday Ideas for Food Fanatics

Food has always been a major reason to travel. When Britain’s 17th and 18th Century elite would go on their ‘grand tours’, they would invariably return with a wheel of Parmesan cheese. As the opportunities to travel to more exotic destinations grow however, the culinary experiences awaiting