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5 French Foods to try in Paris

Everybody knows that French cuisine is up there with the best of the world. That makes Paris one of the best places to eat and the city boasts some of the best French chefs around. Well, here you’ll find five French foods that you simply

Slice of NY Cheesecake (ss)

The 5 Most Iconic Foods in New York City

While many people come to NYC for the sightseeing, the shopping, the museums or the Broadway shows, every NYC tourist has some of the great foods this city has to offer on the brain from the moment they start planning their trip. New York City is


Top 5 Bars in Dublin

Ireland has one of the best drinking scenes in Europe. I’d hop on one of the ferries to Dublin for a night out if I could (yes, even from Thailand). Hundreds of historic bars line the streets of Dublin, filled with friendly faces, good beer,


4 Winter Activities in the Finnish Lapland

The Finnish Lapland is a boundless wonderland begging to be trampled through. Through the midnight sun with its endless sunshine and into the dark, mystic winters and the seasons in-between, the outdoor adventures never cease. Here are four ideas for a winter activity holiday in

More wine, less whine

Wine Tasting in Lake Tahoe

After a long day (or week) of water sports and mountain climbing in Lake Tahoe, it’s nice to sit down and relax with a glass of wine, or six. Lake Tahoe is only three hours away from Napa Valley, a world-famous wine growing region. While


5 Chicago Breweries You Won’t Want to Miss

Chicago is home to a number of breweries that distribute their craft beers nation-wide. If you’ve ever had a Goose Island IPA, Revolution Anti-Hero IPA or a Half Acre Daisy Cutter, you should probably add going to the source of those delicious flavors to your

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The best food to be found in the Seychelles

The Seychelles comprises of a cluster of 115 islands, located northeast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. As you can imagine, when it comes to food, seafood is the undisputed king of the region – many of the best restaurants forgo fancy techniques and simply


Europe’s Top Cities for Christmas Markets

There are few places more festive than Europe to celebrate the Christmas season. With bustling markets, majestically lit trees erected in city squares and often a glittery dusting of snow, Europe has got the Christmas spirit right! Here are some of the top markets to


Top Exotic Foods for Kids to Try

Besides takeout Chinese, my food fare was decidedly American growing up. The closest I had gotten to exotic food before being a teenager was at an international food fair in my elementary school, which struck me with half fear and wonder. Kids desperately cling onto


5 Places off the beaten track in France

France is the world’s most visited tourist destination with 79.5 million international tourist arrivals in 2011. But tourism tends to be centered on a limited popular regions and landmarks. However, the real jewels are the understated areas full of beauty and mystery that keep to