City Break Holiday Ideas for Food Fanatics

Food has always been a major reason to travel. When Britain’s 17th and 18th Century elite would go on their ‘grand tours’, they would invariably return with a wheel of Parmesan cheese. As the opportunities to travel to more exotic destinations grow however, the culinary experiences awaiting you are greater than ever.

hamy cafe berlin

Hamy cafe, Berlin 

If you haven’t gone to the lengths of structuring your entire holiday plan around which cuisines you’re going to be sampling, maybe you should. A food-holiday can be a truly satisfying, exciting experience.



We have a feeling that Rome city breaks aren’t just popular because of amazing food, but it certainly helps. Italy is home to some of the best food in the world and Rome is probably the best place in the country to try it.

Fortunato al Pantheon features classic Italian cooking and is frequented by the Roman elite. Make sure you also check out La Tavernaccia, a very chaotic, but warm and vibrant family-run restaurant.



Berlin’s reputation for street food makes it the equal of any other European city. Curry 36 is located in Kreuzberg, a restaurant popular for innovating the world’s first ‘currywurst’. It may sound like it shouldn’t work, but which has rapidly been adopted by Germans and any visitors willing to give them a try.

If you’re feeling like a bit of Vietnamese food, check out Hamy Café. It has the fastest possible service in any food joint in Berlin and produces two different main meals every day.



Scottish food has a bit of a bad reputation, but this doesn’t mean you can’t find amazing food in Edinburgh. This beautiful little city has a lot of great restaurants. Some of the highlights include the French restaurant, Maison Bleue, the Thai restaurant, Dusit, on Thistle Street and La Favorita, the city’s favourite pizza and pasta joint.

If you’re feeling classy, check out Rhubarb, which is a little out of the way of the city centre. If you’re down in Leith, check out Bond No. 9, which serves simple food such as steak and chips, done in a very classy way.



If you’re in Amsterdam, try not to fill yourself up on all the snacks and sweets on the street and go for the good stuff. If you’re on a budget, Getto bar is a burger joint that has named all the items on their menu after drag queens. Restaurant Azmarino is another great eating location, offering a wide range of African cuisine that’s great if you’re on a budget.

On the other hand, if you’ve got cash to splash, check out Beddington’s. Named after its British owner, the food is a great mix of British, Asian and Dutch food and is one of the most stylish and innovative restaurants in the city.

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