Cornish Experiences Not To Miss Out On


If you are planning on a trip to Cornwall in 2019 then you have made what I believe to be an excellent choice and one which more people, especially Brits, should be making. My family and I have stayed in campsites in Cornwall and holiday parks in Cornwall for many years now. In fact we have been to Cornwall so much that we now have our favorite Cornwall holiday park – I have put the details below if you are interested. During your time in Cornwall there are some experiences which I don’t think that you should miss out on and for the perfect holiday, here is what I’d recommend that you do.


Surfing UK

Did you know that here in Cornwall there is a surf spot which is thought of very highly amongst surfers around the world? That’s right, Newquay is a place which attracts people from all over to come here and surf and it is a great place for you to get your surf wings. There are many schools here which will teach all levels of surfers and your an also hire everything that you will need. Surfing isn’t something which many of us Brits get to do so take the opportunity whilst it is there.

Performance of a Lifetime

If you like live theater you will love the Minack, an open-air amphitheater which is carved into a cliff face and overlooks the English channel. This is a beautiful place to spend some time and an even more delightful place to watch some live theater. Take your own food and drinks and watch the sun going with a glass of wine as you enjoy some fine amateur dramatics, in one of the most dramatic theaters that you are ever likely to see.

Fish and Chips

You can get fish and chips in just about any coastal town around the country but they will never taste as good as the fish and chips which you can buy here in Padstow. TV chef Rick Stein has four restaurants here and a cooking school, such is his love for the town and the fresh catch that comes in. Often known for fine dining Stein has used one of his restaurants to sell his most favorite meal, takeaway fish and chips. This is basic food with no frills but the difference here is the quality of the ingredients and the love which is put into every poke of chips and every cod fillet. If you want fish and chips, this is the place to go.

Port Isaac

My favorite spot in Cornwall is Port Isaac and there is a small cafe there which offers the finest views across both Cornwall and the English Channel. Sit back and enjoy some local clotted cream and just drink in that spectacular view which nature presents you with, unobstructed and unrelenting in its beauty.

Here are the details for that holiday park that we like so much, we’re sure that you will too.

Perran Springs Holiday Park