Countdown of the Best Casinos in Vegas


When you think of the city of Las Vegas what is it that instantly springs to mind? Entertainment and spectacular live shows? Crazy parties? Great food? These all may come to mind for sure, but I bet that the large majority of you went straight to gambling. This is perfectly natural given that Vegas is indeed the gambling capital of the world. Throughout this tiny city in the desert there are over 110 casinos, a stunning amount for such a small space, especially given the sheer magnitude of some of the casinos here. The question that remains, is which is the very best of the Vegas casinos? We have been working, and gambling , hard to find out, and here are our picks for the best casinos to visit in Vegas.

Beginners: MGM Grand

If you are not accustomed to the ways of a casino and you are looking at cutting your teeth, the best place for you is the MGM Grand. The reason for this is that whilst the Grand does stay pure in terms of the traditional casino games such as craps, poker and blackjack, it also offers a number of games which are not so traditional, and are specifically aimed at the newbie. Here you will find games such as beer pong, billiards, one of the largest PAC-man games on the planet, and plenty more arcade-style games which you can win money on whilst having an insane amount of fun.

Best for Diversity: Golden Nugget

If you love the table fames in the casino then the best place for you to go is the Golden Nugget. This casino keeps things very traditional with its table games, but will also try out and new and exciting ideas which the creative types in the casino industry have come up with. If the incredible array of table games wasn’t enough for you, all of the tables are situated around the pool, giving you the perfect chance to cool off if you are using too much, or if a big win has just blown you away.

Best for Poker: Bellagio

If poker is your game then looking no further than that beautiful hotel behind the dancing fountains, the Bellagio. The poker room here was and still is one of the most iconic places to play the sport in the whole of the USA and whether you are a high roller or playing just for fun, this is the place where you want to be playing. As with many casinos players can get food and drink delivered to the table, as well as offering back and neck massages whilst you play as well, perfect to lower the stress levels and help you to think more clearly. If you do want to up the stakes, head to the high roller table in the back, in the place they call Bobby’s room, named after ’78 poker World Series Champion Bobby Baldwin.

Which is your favorite casino in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below.