Different Foods in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is without question one of the best cities on our amazing planet! It has absolutely everything you could want from a place – tradition, culture, nightlife, spectacular buildings, faultless transport, safety and also mouth watering food!

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The food in Hong Kong is one of the things I look forward to most when I head back there. Being such a cosmopolitan city Hong Kong has food for every taste bud! Whether you want to eat on the street or sit in a high class restaurant you will be able to find it all at your finger tips in HK.

Before I get on to what food you simply have to eat I need to tell you my best piece of advice, eat as much as you possibly can. If you’re on a diet then you should leave that when you close the door back home and head to the airport. It would be a crime to head over to Hong Kong and not indulge in all of the culinary delights available.

So, with there being a huge amount of choice what are the foods that you should try when you visit? Well that is a very good question indeed because there really is so much choice. To make it simple I have listed my 3 must have foods below. I could have made the list 50 long but you’re never going to have enough time to do that, so I urge you not to miss out on these top 3 – you’ll thank me later I know.

Dim Sum

This really is a ‘no-brainer’ and had to make the list. No trip to Hong Kong would be complete with out sampling some of the many Dim Sum restaurants that you’ll see littering the streets. Dim Sum translates to ‘touch your heart’ and it certainly will warm your heart when you take your first taste. My personal favourites are the egg tarts or the bbq buns – you can’t go wrong with the classics!



Just because you have to! Congee the dish might look very simple but in Hong Kong it will have been cooked for several hours which leaves it with that mouth watering creamy texture. You can choose a whole variety of ingredients to top it off with; meat, pork balls or even add some tasty fresh prawns.

Afternoon Tea

Ok, I know this isn’t exactly a particular food but if there’s one city in the world that knows how to do afternoon tea it’s Hong Kong. All over the city from around 2pm – 6pm people are settling down to enjoy some fine tea and treats. You can go to a top 5 star hotel or a local cafe, which ever you choose I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. My personal favourite is the lobby lounge of the Intercontinental for unbeatable views of the harbour.

To enjoy all the amazing food and drink the city has to offer, Cathay Pacific offers a number of flights to Hong Kong every day.