Dining out in Paris – 5 Places you must visit

It’s one of the most popular cities for tourists in the world, with food, romance and fashion at the heart of this.  French cuisine and chefs have influenced some of the finest chefs around the world today, shaping the cuisine of many of the meals we eat on a daily basis as a result.  French food is about much more than snails and frog legs and at the heart of the French food scene is the capital city of Paris, home to 92 Michelin Star Restaurants, more than any other city in Europe.

5 Great restaurants to enjoy in Paris

With so much choice for dining out, it can be hard to decide on the best places to eat in Paris.  A city that is covered in Michelin star restaurants, boutique cafes and bistros and restaurants covering almost every cuisine you can think of, making the right choice is never going to be easy.  Below we look at 5 restaurants worth checking out that will suit a range of budgets.

  1. Boco

Boco is a chain of affordable restaurants in Paris with recipes inspired by a five 3 star Michelin chefs; so you know the food will be top notch.  This quirky yet stylish establishment has organic produce at the heart of what they do with many of their dishes served in recycled glass jars.  You can eat in or take-away and can even enjoy a 3 course meal for around €20.  There isn’t too many places in the world where you can eat 3 courses of quality food that has been created by 3 star Michelin chefs, so be sure to check Boco out.  Visit www.boco.fr for more information.

  1. Le Jules Verne

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most instantly recognisable buildings in Paris and is famous throughout the world.  It’s often one of the first sights that many tourists visit when they arrive in the city, and sitting 400ft up the Eiffel Tower is the popular Le Jules Verne restaurant.  With breathtaking views of the city and food to match, the 1 Michelin star Le Jules Verne should be on any food loving tourists list of places to eat when visiting Paris.  The dress code is pretty smart but the dining atmosphere is a relaxed one and certainly an enjoyable one.  It can be on the expensive side though but considering the view, it’s certainly worth it.  Visit www.lejulesverne-paris.com for more information.

  1. Astrance

With nine 3 star restaurants in Paris, you really are spoilt for choice to enjoy the cooking of some of the world’s top chefs.  Prices can vary in many of these restaurants but one of the most affordable is Astrance with chefs Pascal Barbot and Christophe Rohat at the helm.  Their modern take on classic French cooking helped take Astrance to new levels and it now enjoys a reputation as one of the finest restaurants in the whole of France, let alone Paris.  With a lunch menu starting at €70, enjoying a 3 star Michelin experience in Paris has never been so tempting.  Visit www.astrancerestaurant.com for more information.

  1. Ze Kitchen Galerie

Fusion food is becoming increasingly popular with many restaurants trying to fuse popular dishes and flavours from all over the world in an attempt to create a wonderful dining experience.  Not everyone gets this right but one place that does is the 1 star Michelin, Ze Kitchen Galerie in Paris.  Head chef William Ledeull has been hugely successful in fusing the flavours of Asia with the taste of France.  It’s always a exciting experience to watch a top chef do their thing, and this is exactly the case at Ze Kitchen Galerie as you get to enjoy watching William and his team prepare dishes in the kitchen right in front of you.  A truly memorable fusion dining experience.  Visit www.zekitchengalerie.fr for more information.

  1. Le Meurice

Hotels in Paris also enjoy a reputation of having some of the finest restaurants in the city and nowhere is this more evident than the stunning Le Meurice Hotel, part of the Dorchester Collection.  Heading up by renowned chef Alain Ducasse, Le Meurice is simple ingredients at their best.  Alain believes in only the finest ingredients to truly bring his dishes to life, something he achieves with ease at Le Meurice.  The stunning surroundings of the hotel make this a dining experience you simply must try out when visiting Paris.

Main image courtesy of Pixabay.com