Easy Days in Barbados

When it comes to tropical holidays. It’s tough to beat the Caribbean. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, easy transport, and a host of other factors conspire to make these islands prime vacation material. Of all of them, Barbados is perhaps the most popular destination. Though it is officially classified as an Atlantic island rather than a Caribbean one, it has come to embody all the best things in the region from a touristic perspective. Also, get great deals on Barbados holidays from Best At Barbados. They offer a superb range of hotels and resorts at amazing prices, including Tamarind Cove, Crystal Cove and Butterfly Beach Hotel.

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Start with the people and culture. Barbadians are famous for their easy-going nature, quality education, and relatively high standard of living compared to other states and territories in the region. They are primarily Afro-Caribbean in descent, meaning that their culture has an exciting blend of West African, Spanish, French, English, and indigenous influences. Music, dance, and food are all excellent examples of this fusion, and Barbados has excellent taste in all three. Calypso, jazz, reggae and other styles are well-represented, and Rihanna (born in Barbados’ capitol in 1998) is the official ambassador of tourism. Barbadian cuisine understandably features seafood heavily, and has influences from Britain and India in addition to African and other sources. What’s not to like?

Barbados 3Visiting Barbados as a tourist, you’re not likely to run out of things to do. The most obvious draw is the beach scene, with pristine stretches of sand all around the island. Each coast has its own features, from the calm waters of the west side that are great for lazy days of lounging, to the rough and exciting seas on the Atlantic side, perfect for watersports. The southern beaches get their share of windy afternoons, so kite boarding and windsurfing are perfect activities there. Wonderful surfing beaks can be found in Scotland District and Bathsheba, including in the famous “soup bowl”—a challenging but rewarding thrill. Inland, check out Harrison’s Cave, which feature fantastic limestone formations and perfectly blue water flowing throughout the cavern into pools and waterfalls. Near the eastern coast, you’ll also find the Andromeda Botanical Gardens, with tranquil paths and ponds amid the tropical plants.

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Logistics on the island are easy, so don’t worry about finding quality accommodation or dining, or getting from point A to B. Vacation villas in Barbados offer great value along with fantastic luxury, and can be conveniently booked online along with various tour options. Restaurants in every town and city serve fantastic meals at very reasonable prices, and tourism operators can help you find whatever you need. Public transportation, car rental, and other modes of transportation are all easy to navigate and arrange. There’s really no excuse not to visit! Next time you’re dreaming of an idyllic beach holiday, look no further.


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