Enjoy Restaurant Week in Your Local City

Maybe the government should name September “National Restaurant Month,” considering so many cities host their annual Restaurant Week in September. This week celebrates restaurants, their delicious food, their hardworking servers and their all-around contribution to the community. At the same time, this week also celebrates restaurant goers, by offering reduced meal costs and additional incentives.

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Is There a Restaurant Week Taking Place Near You?

San Diego’s popular Restaurant Week just ended, while Plymouth, Michigan’s Restaurant Week starts on September 27th. You can find out if a city nearby you is hosting a restaurant week by looking at a community’s webpage or inquiring at local establishments. You could even call your local city council and inquire about events.

Some Popular September Restaurant Weeks include:

  • North Andover, MA
  • Denver, CO
  • Sierra Vista, AZ
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Cedar Rapids, IA
  • So many more!

How Much Does it Cost?

During Restaurant Week, local restaurants get together to serve delicious meals at reduced costs. Tickets are purchased at discounted rates, but the meals are worth so much more. For example, in Denver, CO high-end restaurants offer some of their best menu options for just $60 per couple. This flat rate is potentially half of what you’d pay at the same restaurant, if you were to visit it normally.

Other communities handle their week differently, like the Greater Kennebunks Restaurant Week, which offers meals at a variety of rates. It all depends on the participating restaurant. For example, some restaurants will serve a $15 lunch, while others only serve dinners. Dinners can cost anywhere from $25 – $45.

As you can clearly see, pricing varies city to city. Some places, such as Denver, offer a flat rate, while others have varying costs. You can find out what your community charges, by visiting a participating restaurant or contacting your city council.

Does Every Restaurant in the City Participate?

In most cases, not every restaurant participates in Restaurant Week. Restaurants that are participating will promote themselves as being involved. You may also find lists of participating restaurants through your local news or your city council’s homepage.

Tips for Enjoying Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week only lasts a week, so it may not be possible to visit every single participating restaurant. If you want to make the most of your week, choose restaurants you already know and love, plus a few you’ve always wanted to try. If you’re unsure about a restaurant, use this guide to determine if it’s high quality and worth your time.

1.  Check reviews. If local review sites rate the restaurant highly, it’s likely to serve you well.

2.  Is the staff well-dressed? High-end restaurants always make their staff wear uniforms. Wait staff should be fully outfitted, creating a look that’s eye-catching and appealing.

A tip for restaurant owners: Branded waitress aprons and uniforms, like the ones available at Restaurant Discount Warehouse, are one of the best ways to take your restaurant to the next level.

3.  Look for restaurants with nice interior décor. If you have a family, make sure the restaurant features family friendly seating and décor.

Make a Reservation

Finally, you’ll need to call ahead and make a reservation. During Restaurant Week, restaurants get super busy and space fills up quickly. Without a reservation you may not be able to enjoy a discounted meal at your favorite restaurant. So, go ahead and make that call, reserving a table at the restaurants you’re hoping to enjoy during your city’s Restaurant Week.


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