Falling in Love on the Road

Finding love while travelling. Some may ask, is it possible? I say, yes it is!


But likewise, finding love and being on the road often can be a struggle. It’s either you can maintain a relationship apart,  just give a travel some spark with a casual affair, or if circumstances allow it, you may just end up travelling together!

romance in st lucia

But just even before you worry much about he complexities of falling in love, first thing to do (which is not so hard) is: open your eyes, look around you and be friendly, perhaps even venture on a singles vacation. I myself had a case of a sweeping moment in one of those trips in Asia. And I found it just when I was in the lovely and serene Phuket, with a most unlikely person I’d think I’ll fall in love with. But I did. And all other travellers can be in the same shoes as I did.


And we are not talking about a specific sexuality or gender preference here. Anyone can find love. One thing to ask yourself too, is, are you open to hooking up with a person (a foreigner) who has different sets of culture, preference of food on their plate, religion, and the list goes on. If you think this can be a conflict, you may want to think again. You can just be open to the idea, you’ll never know how a rollercoaster ride it can be when you are in it. My experience brought me new learnings of a different culture from a totally different person, and I believe I have done the same. It can bring you to a journey, and a fun one.


Finding love while travelling though is not that as typical as when you are both just in a country, just a ride away from each other. You may find a ocal in this country you’ve travelled to, or a fellow tourist to this country. And when you just reaized that you are a match, here comes the complexities (i mentioned earlier). Especially when you welcomed the thought of it, you must be prepared that this can just be a casual 48-hour affair. Attachment is hard, yes, so why not just live for the moment, savor ech of the happy memories and appreciate what you can do together in a lovely country.


Luckily, there may also be a possibility that you will find love in a persona of a traveller. And yes, if you are sure about the compatibility you found with a fellow traveller, there are high chances that you can travel together. And we are not talking about a fairy tale-ish kind of love because this happens in real life. You just have to be bold, adventurous, take chances and open your mind and heart.

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