Five Tips to Make the Most of Your Holiday in India


There are times when you may book a holiday only to reach your destination and not have a clue on the best way to get the most out of your holiday. Here is a quick guide on maximizing on your Indian experience.


The best way to cover this vast country is by use of a faster means of transport which will enable you to visit numerous places in a short time. India has an extensive network of internal airports and the rise in competitive airlines such as Air India has led to reduction in air travel prices. Use small budget jets for best rates.

Book return tickets for your trip because it is cheaper than booking two tickets for the same. It will also save you time and money.


The best way to tour India is through a luxury train tour. They have become extremely popular as they offer an excellent opportunity to explore India without compromising on the comforts. They offer every luxury detail imaginable right down to customized cutlery: glamorous and opulent. You also get to explore India’s vastness much faster than taking an exhausting road trip.

Take a trip of India while aboard the luxurious Palace on the Wheels train which boasts of 14 carriages all named after a city in the desert a state of Rajasthan. The interiors are authentically decorated and replicate the royal designs once used by the Rajasthan royalty.


For a truly authentic experience, try out staying in homes catered by their owners at Kerala. The Greenpalm Homestay in Kerala is a suitable base to explore the huge networks of Kerala back waters and the remote villages that can only be accessed by boats. You explore the region with definite knowledge that delicious home cooked food awaits you.

Enjoy a blissful experience in your very own houseboat. Sit back and relax as your boat gently drifts past river banks lined with swaying coconut trees, paddy fields and colorful lotuses. You also get to experience the traditional village life and the vibrant saris worn by the women.


Escape from the crowd and enjoy peace and quiet as you indulge in azure waters on your very own patch of pristine sandy beach in South Goa. This region is less developed with imposing concrete buildings and boasts of miles and miles of fine sandy beaches. Just remove your shoes and let your feet enjoy the feel of the delicious sand.

Head up further to the North, and enjoy the striking tiny villages of Marjorda and Betelbatim.  Here, you get to watch sea birds wheeling over empty stretches of sand. If you see a solitary swimmer you may join in!


It is a great idea to explore Delhi as you shop for gifts and souvenirs to take home to friends and family. The Janpath Market is a touristic strip that has attractive shawls, brass oms, dangling earrings, shimmering mirror works and so much more.

The Hauz Khas Village is packed with fashionable designer Indian boutiques, art galleries and furniture shops. In case you purchase furniture or other huge items they can be shipped abroad.





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