A Foodies Guide to the best pizza in London

It’s a Friday night and you’re looking to get some pizza in London. What should you do? Whether you use an online pizza voucher  to order takeaway or drop in the first pizzeria you see, there’s no wrong answer.

But, let’s face it; some places do it better than others.




Franco Manca
4 Market Row, Electric Lane, SW9 8LD

Soft sourdough base that’s flame licked by the wood oven. It’s the crust has everyone raving. Simple but tasty toppings are piled on top. It’s quality over quantity here as the menu is limited, but everything is done well. Not only are the pizzas gastronomic masterpieces, they are criminally cheap (with some serious restaurant deals for London). No wonder it’s packed nearly at all times. Tip: order the homemade lemonade.


Santa Maria
15 St Mary’s Road, W5 5RA

Light dough with a satisfying crunch, gooey mozzarella, and simmering tomato sauce makes the perfect platform for the superlative toppings, all imported from Italy. Santa Maria provides Neapolitan style pizza at its finest. The restaurant is tiny and there is no booking service, but an excellent pub next door makes the wait painless. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more authentic pizza in London.


Crate Brewery
White Building, Queens Yard, E9 5EN

Part microbrewery, part pizzeria, and totally cool, Crate Brewery is a newcomer to the scene. The industrial yet cozy building works well for the hip clientele, who can enjoy craft beers and stone-baked pizzas on the waterfront. What makes it stand out are its unusual ingredients such as sage & truffle potato or Middle Eastern lamb. The pizza is delicious, but admittedly is not to the level of Franco Manca or Santa Maria. Despite that being said, delicious pizza + craft beer pairing? Perfection.


Pizza East
56 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JJ

There are both classic and unusual pizza creations on deck (like veal meatballs). It’s strengths lie in its simpler pizzas, which are delicately balanced and flavorful. The crust, which is both chewy and charred, is perfect for sopping up chili oil. Vintage furnishings and perfectly worn tables give it a staged, trendy vibe, but a welcoming atmosphere nonetheless. Tip: try the arancini appetizer, which are deep fried balls of risotto.

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