“From Cellar To Cellar” in the Moravian Wine Country

When thinking about the Czech Republic, many people think of the “City of a Thousand Spires”- fairy-tale Prague with its timeless architecture and culture steeped in history. But there’s more to this beautiful country than just Bohemia, the region in the nation’s western half. Travel to the east and you’ll find yourself in Moravia, a region blessed with sunshine that nourishes some of Central Europe’s best agricultural land- and 97% of the country’s vineyards. In the springtime, the Moravian wine region’s capital of Velke Bilovice invites wine lovers from the world over to sample its offerings in an event called “Ze Sklepa Do Sklepa”- or “from cellar to cellar.”

At the event, you’ll find yourself in a quaint village tasting wine in family-run cellars with locals and neighbors! In this picturesque land filled with grape vines overlooking lush hills, winemaking secrets have been passed from generation to generation. There is a jovial atmosphere in the wine cellars as tastes are shared among the long wooden tables. A far cry from the pretentious atmosphere of some vineyards, wine tasting in Moravia feels like sitting down at a family table for some great laughs and conversation!


So what about the wine itself? Well, the rich black Slavic soil and sunny climate in southern Moravia produce grapes that rival those of the rest of Europe. Here, the varieties we generally know as pinot blanc, gewürztraminer and pinot noir are called Rulandské bílé, Tramín ?ervený and Rulandske modré- all with their own unique flavor. On the white side, you can try Veltlínské zelené, Ryzlink vlašský, Muller-Thurgau and Sauvignon.

The event provides maps so you can navigate the different cellars with ease, and traditional Czech snacks to keep your stomach full during all the tasting! Sausage, cheese, pickled cucumbers and bread work well to keep hunger at bay during the day of tasting and exploring the cobbled streets of the town. Of course you can always find a great Czech restaurant for a full Czech meal during or after the wine tasting.

Exploring the east side of the Czech Republic is an unforgettable experience, and tasting all the great wines of the region makes it even better. Immerse yourself in Moravian culture and enjoy the cuisine and wine so painstakingly produced by winemakers and farmers in the region for centuries.



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