Great Food That’s Great for the Environment

The well-being of our environment has become an increasing concern to Americans. One of the biggest ways the environment is affected is by the restaurant industry. states that, “The production, processing, transportation, and packaging of food can all contribute to environmental damage”. Fortunately, a few great restaurants have realized this and taken steps to become more eco-friendly while still serving their customers great food.

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White Dog Café

The goal of any dinning establishment is to bring great food to customers so that they can have an amazing dining experience, and of course, come back. The fear of having to pay more, or sacrifice quality is often what keeps restaurants from choosing more eco-friendly options. Sarah Dayan of hits the nail on the head when she writes, “it can be hard to find eco-friendly, sustainable restaurants that serve mouthwatering food”. Having been around for over 28 years, the White Dog Café in Philadelphia has found a way to do both. Some of the eco-friendly choices they make:

·  Most farm food is purchased from farms not more than 50 miles away.

·  Meat and poultry is humanely raised with no hormones or antibiotics.

·  Only offer Fair Trade organic coffee and tea.

·  Purchase only 100% renewable wind energy.

The Grey Plume

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, The Grey Plume is a restaurant is the first establishment in the United States to earn both four stars for their dishes as well as an honor for being certified as a green operation. Not only is the cuisine at this restaurant some of the best in the nation, everything that they serve is made specifically to adhere to strict environmental standards, even receiving a top honor by the Green Restaurant Association.  How do they do it?

·  All of the food served at the restaurant is locally farmed including the meats.

·  They use only cleaning materials that are eco-friendly and entirely non-toxic to the environment.

·  The sinks are completely run by solar power and many of their appliances have been upgraded for energy efficiency.

·  All of the building materials used in the construction The Grey Plume were certified by the FSC.

These simple changes implemented by the restaurant not only drive the local economy in Omaha and the surrounding areas, but they also go a long way toward keeping down their energy consumption and building a better environment

Bloodwood Restaurant

Bloodwood Restaurant is a fabulous restaurant and bar located in Sydney, Australia that not only looks amazing with some great interior design, but is also as eco-friendly as possible. They started their dedication to being environmentally friendly right from the start as they built their restaurant around the idea of energy conservation and keeping energy levels to a minimum over the course of the restaurant’s lifetime.  They accomplish this in a few different ways:

·  The menu is entirely seasonal, which means they only serve what can be locally produced at the time rather than importing produce and meat from other areas.

–  All of the wine bottles used in the bar are recycled and reblown to be used again.

·  The lights that line the kitchen are comprised entirely of LEDs, which use much less energy than normal lighting.

·  Everything that was used to build the restaurant was salvaged including the wood and the doors.

The owners of Bloodwood Restaurant contacted designers and only chose one that understood their dedication to keeping the modern feel of the restaurant while also cutting down on its effects to the environment and say that they strive to make their customers understand how important conservation is to them.

A Tip from Ted

Ted Turner’s mission is to make his steak houses as eco-friendly as possible, and get other restaurateurs to do the same. In an article from it is revealed that restaurants are the “world’s largest energy user”. When Cleveland owners of The Greenhouse Tavern wanted to become a certified Green Restaurant, they could go to sites like and find ways to save on energy.

There are a lot of ways to provide great food and still be earth-friendly. Check out restaurants in your local area for an eco-friendly experience of your own.


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