Here’s Where to Go on Holiday in 2017 if you Love Food  


Do you love food? For sure, you will also love the destinations that we will recommend below. In these places, you can sample mouth-watering food, which will not only be a treat for the appetite, but will also be an opportunity for you to discover more about the culture of the place where you are.


This is another country that is a popular choice for foodie holidays. Whether in France or in Bordeaux, among others, you will have endless choices of restaurants and a long list of foods to try. Never leave the country without trying their baguette, especially if you are in France. This delicious bread can be eaten on its own or paired with gruyere cheese. When it comes to desserts, on the other hand, have a taste of crème brulee, a caramel shell filled with thick custard. Steak frites, a combination of steak and fries, is a must-try, as well as mussels and French fries. Dishes with escargot or snails will also be worth sampling. Here are some great places to visit, which are off the beaten track.


If you are looking for a culinary vacation, Italy is one country that should be on the top of your list. Almost anywhere you go, whether it is a busy city or an old town, you will have a filling treat. From traditional Italian dishes to international cuisine, the food choices will be almost endless. Umbria is one of the places that you should check out, which is known for their truffles. In Tuscany, on the other hand, you can visit an old farmhouse to have a meal paired with some of their finest wines. In Rome, aside from sightseeing, you can also enjoy their pizzas and pastas. To sample delicious gelato and goat cheese, on the other hand, head to Piedmont. If there are a few of you going on holiday, check out this large group accommodation where you can all stay, you can then visit the local farmers markets, and take turns cooking for each other.


More than the rich history and beautiful islands of Greece, it also attracts a lot of people because of being a culinary heaven. Kebabs, souvlaki, and gyros are some of the foods that define Greece. Regardless of where you are in the country, these three are amongst the staples in the menu of many restaurants. Gyro is a pita bread that is filled with choice of stuffers, commonly greens, tomatoes, and fries. Souvlaki, on the other hand, is skewered meat. Kebabs, meanwhile, appear like a burger patty and rich with flavourful spices. You should also not leave Greece without a bite of saganaki, which is simply deep-fried cheese.


Eating out in Mexico is an experience that will make your vacation complete. Whether in the streets or in high-end restaurants, their food is beyond comparison. One that you should try is their chilaquiles, which is traditionally eaten for breakfast. It is made from corn tortillas, which are topped with salsa, eggs, and chicken. Tostadas, which literally means toasted, is another food to try. They are corn tortillas that are topped with choice of garnishes, such as beans, cheese, and seafood. Guacamole, a traditional sauce made from avocado, should not be missed as well. Here are some of the most luxurious accommodation options in Mexico.