How To Make Fool-Proof Cake Pops

In recent years, the popularity of cake pops has exploded, with every mother, woman and child looking to make these tasty treats. Cake pops are basically small cakes in the shape of lollypops, and they’re either coated with chocolate or icing, resulting in a delightful treat! Not only can they take the shape of balls, but they can also be cubes, triangles, or any shape that works for that matter. They’re a great way of using up leftover cake, and for inspiring bakers, it’s always good practice your skills and techniques when new crazes come along. If you’re looking to create some of your own pop cakes, here’s a short guide on how to do so.

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The Pan

First thing’s first – you’re going to have to grease and flower the pan before you mix and pour the batter. Not only will this help your cake balls (or triangles and cubes) to come out easily, but it will also help them to form better and more defined shapes. You won’t want to be scraping your cake balls out of the pan with a knife, that’s for sure!


Consider the Batter

One of the best tips around is use a batter colour that sharply contrasts with the coating of your candy. Not only does this produce a great effect when you bite into the cake pop, but visually it looks great too! Red velvet is a popular choice, however it really depends on the preference of the baker, and how much they want to entertain their guest with their creations. When it comes to the batter recipe, its best to work to the measurements of 2 eggs and 1/3 cup of oil. Approximately, 60 cake pops can be made from one batch of mix.


Full Cups means Full Cake Pops!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when baking cake pops is not filling the cups properly. With cupcakes, bakers only fill the setting around two thirds of the way to allow the cake to rise, however it cake pops is best to fill them all the way. This allows for perfect round balls, instead of lopsided creations. Be sure not to over bake either; visit MakeBake to see the various cooking times depending on your oven.


Shaping the Pops

Be sure to let your cake pops cools before you begin to shape them – it will be a lot easier this way! Once cooled, take a sharp knife to the edges, and slowly taper off the excess cake. This will require much patience, especially if you’ve baked a lot of cake pops, so take your time and keep your hand steady.


Preparing the Sticks

The final touch to your cake pops will be the sticks, but it’s not as simple as shoving them straight in! Once your cake pops are fully rounded, you’re going to need to find the centre, and with one swift motion. Otherwise, you could end up making two holes, or a hole too big for the stick. Once you have your hold, remove the stick and place a little piece of candy inside the cake pop, just for extra effect. Put the stick back in, and there you have it – the perfect cake pop!

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