What You Should Look For in a Great Campsite 

We love to take the kids camping but sadly over the years we have had some pretty disappointing experiences with some of the campsites which we have visited. Thankfully the majority of campsites are top notch but because of the slightly negative experiences which we have had, we have learned a lot more about what to look out for when selecting a campsite. Some regions are great, campsites in Cornwall for example are of a very high quality and provide us with everything that we need. To help you avoid the bad campsites, here is what you should look out for. 



Some campsites don’t have a lot of space which is fine, but what they shouldn’t do is pack in the number of tents within that small space, so that nobody has much room to breathe. To find out more about this you can check out the reviews of a certain campsite, and keep an eye on the space which they have, and the capacity. 


If you are heading away camping with a big group of friends and you are looking for a lively campsite then that is fine, if however you are going away with the family then the last thing that you need is to have music blaring at all hours of the night. Most campsites clearly specify what the theme is of the site so pay attention to that, as well as looking at the rules around noise etc. 


If you are happy to be autonomous and just go about your business during camping trip then you can by all means find a site which is just that, a place to pitch your tent and nothing more. If however you are looking to be entertained a little when you get there then you need to look out for a campsite which has a range of activities. I urge you to read the reviews and check out the photos and the information around these activities. We have been to sites which offered kayaking but had no guides, archery which was basically firing old arrows at a target-less tree, and hiking trails which were more cutting through the forest than actually following a trail. 


Naturally you will look to see what the bathroom and washing situation is at the site but you also need to bear in mind how close the site is to supermarkets, hospitals and other public amenities which you may need. We were in a campsite in Yorkshire last year which was far more remote than they described, and as a parent I was quite worried about how far away from public services we were, especially a hospital. If you want remote then this is of course absolutely fine, just make sure that you know before you leave. 

Keep an eye on all of the descriptions and pay particularly close attention to the reviews which people have written about the campsite before you book.