Luxury Holidays in Costa Rica

With bountiful options suitable for any budget, Costa Rica is a popular destination for penny-pinching backpackers and well-to-do holidaymakers alike. Plenty of attention has been given in the past to making your way through Latin America on a tight budget, but whole new doors are opened for those that can afford to shell out a little bit extra. You’ll find fantastic opportunities for luxury vacations everywhere in the country.

The capital, San José, is known for being one of the safest cities in the region, and is a renowned cultural center. Its culture is decidedly European, as its population is made up mostly of descendants of Spanish immigrants shortly following the “discovery” of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. These immigrants were primarily of the privileged classes rather than laborers seeking work, and that tradition of style and elegance is present in the city’s architecture and arts scene, with numerous theatres, operas, and museums dedicated to the fine arts. No matter what season it is, there are always local and internationally famous performances going on.

Luxury Holidays in Costa Rica 2Outside of San José, one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations is the resort community of Los Suenos. This beautiful piece of land located on Herradura Bay is graced with a large marina, golf course, and a myriad of villas that range from modest to outrageously deluxe. Ocean front luxury vacation rentals are easy to find at prices that would be impossible in other parts of the world. This is definitely the place to relax and engage in whatever activity strikes your fancy. Snorkeling and scuba diving is possible in nearby bays or offshore, and the beaches are perfect for sunbathing or playing with the kids. Sport fishing trips leave from Los Suenos constantly, with outfitters offering everything from afternoon jaunts to serious live-aboard trips that allow for record-breaking deep-sea catches. Yachting purely for pleasure is another great option. Golfing is a popular pastime, as is making trips to the numerous nearby national parks to experience some of Costa Rica’s well-protected natural wonders. The diversity of this small country is incredible, and many species of flora and fauna flourish in the rugged jungles and mountainous regions of the country.
Luxury Holidays in Costa Rica 3Getting to Costa Rica is easy, with a modern and well-served international airport. Many Caribbean cruises also make land there, making it easy to incorporate some land-based activities with your seafaring getaway. This is truly a paradise, and any holiday spent here, no matter your budget, will be a great one.