Sampling the Best in Seasonal Cuisine


There’s nothing quite like a meal prepared with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. A warm winter broth during the colder months or a fresh salad in spring can be an entirely different experience than eating them during other parts of the year.

Many restaurants are moving towards working with local, seasonal ingredients to provide a more authentic experience to their visitors. We’ve scoured the UK to give you the very best restaurants specializing in high quality fresh food. From restaurants which serve vegetables from their own private gardens to high end bistros bringing a touch of France to the East coast of Scotland, there are some fantastic places to eat across the UK.

Boath House Restraint

Just outside of Nairn is a small Scottish restaurant with exquisite style and presentation. The large French windows offer a splendid costal view, and the small restaurant only seats about 26. This allows the chefs to be able to perfect their craft while the waiters can give their patrons all their attention.

Much of the produce used in the restaurant’s offerings come straight from the location’s private garden. The remainder comes from sustainable sources, such as local growers and farmers. Only the finest ingredients are used to create meals worthy of a Michelin star. You won’t find finer Scottish dining anywhere nearby.

Hotel du Vin & Bistro St. Andrews

In St. Andrews, the hands-down best place to go for food is the Bistro du Vin at Hotel du Vin. One of the finest St. Andrews hotels, they offer a number of dishes inspired by traditional French home cooking and that are reared with immense skill and care. The hotel’s Bistro has a distinctly elegant feel, with knowledgeable staff helping add to the high-end feel. The menu items are ones that change with the seasons, as many of the dishes rely heavily on fresh produce sourced locally.

The decor is warm and natural, using the sun’s light to add a warm glow to the surroundings and relying on indoor light as little as possible. The fireplace and paintings create an atmosphere that is homely yet sophisticated, which is exactly what the food is like as well.

The Old Bridge Inn

Stirling offers travelers a laid back experience compared to some of the other busier cities in Scotland. The Old Bridge Inn is just as casual and welcoming, providing its guests with excellent service and delicious dishes that have no equal. From shepherd’s pie to haggis, there’s a little of the entire UK to be found here, but every last bit of it is delightful and perfectly prepared. The menu is often quite limited, but that’s because the chefs are focusing on what they can make using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Yorks Bakery Café

Birmingham has a few places that serve some great food, but this bakery is likely the only place in town you’ll get authentic Scottish salmon. It’s the classic of oak-smoked salmon topped with scrambled eggs and all presented on sourdough toast. You can find the same salmon again on their Eggs Royale dish, which is topped with smoke bacon and hollandaise sauce.