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Festive food traditions from around the world

The UK We all know what is involved in a good Christmas dinner. In Britain, we like our vegetables to be numerous, our turkey to be big and our gravy to be wet. Christmas dinner is often the most important part of the celebration for

Christmas food around the world

It is almost that time when you have to start thinking about cooking Christmas dinner again. You know what this entails: fighting over a turkey at the supermarket, discovering that you need to cleave through its legs to fit it into the oven, cooking Brussels


Celebrating Christmas While Living Abroad

For many people, Christmas is a special season because of the time we get to spend with loved ones at home. It’s the food, family and traditions from home that make the holidays the “most wonderful time of the year!” But for expats and students


Europe’s Top Cities for Christmas Markets

There are few places more festive than Europe to celebrate the Christmas season. With bustling markets, majestically lit trees erected in city squares and often a glittery dusting of snow, Europe has got the Christmas spirit right! Here are some of the top markets to