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Different Foods in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is without question one of the best cities on our amazing planet! It has absolutely everything you could want from a place – tradition, culture, nightlife, spectacular buildings, faultless transport, safety and also mouth watering food! The food in Hong Kong is one


Festive food traditions from around the world

The UK We all know what is involved in a good Christmas dinner. In Britain, we like our vegetables to be numerous, our turkey to be big and our gravy to be wet. Christmas dinner is often the most important part of the celebration for

Christmas food around the world

It is almost that time when you have to start thinking about cooking Christmas dinner again. You know what this entails: fighting over a turkey at the supermarket, discovering that you need to cleave through its legs to fit it into the oven, cooking Brussels


The Best Frites (fries) in Brussels

Belgium is known for its waffles, chocolate, beer, mussels, and of course frites. Belgians chomp down on an average of 75kg (165 pounds) of frites a year, an astounding third more than Americans do. Frites are a passion. They commonly use the flavorful and slightly

Tastes of Italy

Italy has a strong reputation as a gourmet destination and a whole travel niche has grown up to cater for the many thousands of tourists who flock to the country every year seeking an authentic taste of Italy. If you’re a self-confessed foodie there are