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Roaming around Rome

Rome was founded in 753BC, making it one of the most ancient cities in Europe and the only one to have a state within its boundaries, the Vatican. The Rome Metropolitan Area has a population of approximately four million. Rome is the capital of Italy,

Tastes of Italy

Italy has a strong reputation as a gourmet destination and a whole travel niche has grown up to cater for the many thousands of tourists who flock to the country every year seeking an authentic taste of Italy. If you’re a self-confessed foodie there are


3 foodie capitals for delicious language courses abroad

Whether it’s discerning the differences between regional cheeses or choosing from an array of unfamiliar fungi, speaking the local language opens up a whole new aspect to eating when travelling abroad. While it can be fun to make vague guesses when ordering, true foodies want


Experiencing Gelato in Florence

  Florence is one of my favorite cities in the world; with some of the best art, architecture and culture in Europe, it is just so quintessentially Italian. Of course, that includes food as well, and Florence has some of the best! Studying abroad here


5 Specialties you Must Try in Sicily

Sicily…largest island of Italy, with a culture, dialect and lifestyle all its own from that of its Italian neighbor. This place truly embodies the culture of the South- if you ask for directions, the Sicilian you asked for directions will probably walk you where you’re