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The Fat Duck

Beauty and the feast

Eating out and trying new things is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but often finances restrict us to high street chains or cheaper local restaurants. But imagine having plenty of cash to be able to enjoy a meal at a fine dining establishment instead. Play

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Enjoy Restaurant Week in Your Local City

Maybe the government should name September “National Restaurant Month,” considering so many cities host their annual Restaurant Week in September. This week celebrates restaurants, their delicious food, their hardworking servers and their all-around contribution to the community. At the same time, this week also celebrates

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Great Food That’s Great for the Environment

The well-being of our environment has become an increasing concern to Americans. One of the biggest ways the environment is affected is by the restaurant industry. Sierraclub.org states that, “The production, processing, transportation, and packaging of food can all contribute to environmental damage”. Fortunately, a