The World’s Most Beautiful Locations

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, many people’s presents were the promise of a holiday to a romantic destination. News outlets, including CNN, have published their lists of cities to visit this year, highlighting the romance of Paris, Cape Town and Honolulu. Others choose to visit somewhere a little more unusual, which is why we’ve put together this list of five of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Whether there are to be photographic memories, sketches or paintings to share with friends and family, artists of every level will appreciate these far-flung sights to see, and the less artistic of us will still love these superb locations.


1. The Bruce Canyon National Park, Utah: United States

Not perhaps one of the United States’ most famous national parks, but people come from around the world to explore the Wall Street Trail and see the enormous ponderosa pines reaching from the canyon floor. The contrast of the bright blue skies with the vivid red of the stone walls is striking, especially in areas where the valleys are as deep as sixty metres. The canyons formed millions of years ago with the movement and freezing of water, creating dramatic steep walls and curving paths.

2. The Dolomite Mountains, South Tyrol: Italy

When tourists travel to Italy, the most popular destinations are the major cities, of Rome, Venice or Florence, for example. However, the Dolomite Mountains to the north east of Italy are an undiscovered treasure. The uniquely pale mountains were at one point a prehistoric sea bed; now they soar over lush green meadows and are a peaceful retreat for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors in summer or to try skiing and snow sports in winter.

3. Fjordlands National Park, South Island: New Zealand

The name alone of this area points to its secret. Fjords are normally associated with Scandinavian countries rather than New Zealand, yet here in the largest national park to be found in the country are fifteen of them. Once called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ by renowned author, Rudyard Kipling and used extensively in filming for the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies, the landscape moves seamlessly from tall and snow-covered mountains through to deep marshes and stunning open water. As it’s the perfect opportunity for artists, be sure to take sufficient art supplies whilst exploring a location as unique as the Fjordlands National Park. Each fjord has its own name, showing its unique character, with Milford Sound being one of the most dramatic. For inspiration, click here and look through a range of media which will bring these scenes to life.

4. Rio de Janeiro: Brazil

As the most urban of our choices for beautiful destinations, some would argue that the city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the most striking on earth. The clash of modern living in this bustling, lively city against the swelling of the sea on the horizon and the vibrancy of nature all around is something which can’t be missed. The famous viewpoint from the landmark statue, Christ the Redeemer at Corcovado looks out on the city below right through to the harbour and the open ocean.

5. Bordeaux: France

Holding a place on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, Bordeaux is most famous for its wines. Over seven hundred wineries sit in gorgeous countryside, bordered by rivers, forests, beaches and individual villages dotted across the landscape. The city of Bordeaux itself is full of historical buildings and stories, making it perfect for a break which combines the picturesque with the interactive. Vineyard tours are the best way to explore the countryside, as well as providing opportunities to sample the wines.


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