Tips for making money while you travel

When you get that travel bug it is very hard to ignore it. When you’re sat in the office working 9 to 5, probably even longer, all you can think about is being back on the road and freedom. For most people it remains a dream because they think it is such an unattainable goal – it isn’t easy but it is very doable indeed.


I have met countless people during my travels who manage to keep their adventure going by making money while they travel. From talking to these people, such as Paul Hurdsfield I have picked up a lot of tips and know how which I’ll share with you today.

Before I get into it all I should say that everyone I met along the way seemed genuinely content and happy with their lifestyle, much more so than if I had been chatting to people back home in London. So if you want to try and break free, here are 2 great things you can do to make money on the road.


This is one of the easiest things to get into when you travel. There are plenty of people out there on the road working online, some of whom are super successful through things such as SEO. These guys need endless articles written for their websites and that’s where copywriters come in. You can make about $10 for a 400 word article which won’t take you too long at all. Once you get your typing speed up you will be able to do 1 every 45 minutes, if you can do 5-10 a day you will easily be able to afford long term travel in South East Asia for example – so make sure you bring your laptop along with you.

Online Selling

When you’re in a foreign country you will often see things being sold in shops and markets which you’ve seen back home for a much bigger price tag. This is your chance to take advantage of this and start selling things online to people back home. The good news is that you don’t even need to build a site because you can use platforms such as Etsy, Ebay and more. I know some travellers who became so successful they ended up hiring staff to help them because there were just too many orders coming in. This is one thing Paul Hurdsfield says all foreigners should try their hand at.