Top 5 BBQ burger topping ideas

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1 – Hawaiian burger topping

Ahola! This is one of the most famous burger toppings – primarily because it is huge and tasty – and who doesn’t like huge and tasty burgers?

You are going to need a lot of grill space for this topping so a high quality barbecue will be helpful. Something like the Weber Spirit E210 will be ideal. This is a high-end gas barbecue, which gives you plenty of grills to work with, which as you will see, will come in handy.

To make the topping you need apple-smoked bacon, pineapple, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce and special mayonnaise.

Make the mayo by mixing in some salt, black pepper and two chipotle peppers. Then use your swanky BBQ to melt the cheese, cook the bacon and caramelise the pineapple – if you have a burner left, then toast a brioche bun for good measure!

Serve it all up, it’s a good idea to stick a bamboo skewer in their to keep it from toppling.

2 – Moroccan burger topping

Bring a bit of Marrakech to your garden with these scented and sizzling treats. The idea here is to get people salivating before they even set their eyes on the burger. You can do this by adding some cumin and garam masala to the patty mix, but the topping will be equally fragrant.

You can either go with tzatziki or a dollop of humous – or both if you are feeling greedy. Making your tzatziki is easy. Just mix 350g of Greek yoghurt to one chopped cucumber, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, two cloves of finely grated garlic, a dash of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of paprika.

Serve with a mint and pomegranate salad.

3 – Mexican burger topping

You have a plethora of topping options here. You could keep it simple with some classic guacamole. Just turn out an avocado, and mix in fresh lime juice and a clove of garlic. However, it is nice to add a refreshing salsa – especially if you want to top your burgers with some jalapenos.

The salsa will depend on personal taste and different regions in Mexico will have their quirks, but if you want something that will complement a meat burger then this recipe will be great.

Chop four ripe tomatoes, half a red onion, 100g of blackeye beans, a dash of olive oil, a squirt of lime juice, plenty of fresh coriander, chopped chili (if you want it hot) and you can bulk it out with some shredded lettuce.

Remember to have plenty of tequila on hand to complete the theme.

4 – Breakfast burger topping

BBQs don’t have to be restricted to the evening, especially when you are cooking on gas. Just fire up the Weber and cook some eggs and bacon alongside your burger!

5 – Healthy burger topping

One of the great things about cooking your own food on the barbie is that you can keep track of the stuff that goes into it. This is really helpful if you are calorie counting.

There are plenty of low fat patty mixes out there now (try turkey mince if you haven’t already), but just because you are trying to eat healthily doesn’t mean that you are not allowed a topping.

One tablespoon of pesto combined with two heirloom tomato slices and a tablespoon of crumbled feta is less than 100 calories.


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