Top 7 Reasons to Cruise Australia and New Zealand

When people are trying to decide where to go for their next cruise to an exotic location, they will have many options to choose from. Australia and New Zealand will offer cruisers the chance to take in a number of sights and sounds that they may never again experience. Once they have reserved a spot on the cruise ship of their choice, they can begin preparing for the fun. Here are seven reasons to research Melbourne cruises today.

Clown Fish scuba diving

Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef

1) Sydney

Sydney is the cultural touchstone of Australia. With its famed opera house and its beautiful inner harbor, the city is the crown jewel of the continent and a must-see for all cruises to the Southern Hemisphere. Visitors to this urban area will find all kinds of activities awaiting them. Boating and other water sports are especially big.

2) Hobart

Hobart certainly has a different feel than Sydney and some of the other large Australian cities. Cruisers can walk the streets of Hobart and take in the gentle breezes. Many of the quaint cottages and stores have generous hours, and tourists might even throw back a pint at the local pub.

3) Great Barrier Reef

Off the eastern coast of Australia lies one of the true natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef, made up of millions upon millions of tiny colonial animals called coral, is truly magnificent. It is also home to many different species of colorful tropical fish. It should not be missed.

4) The Outback

Cruise ships that pull into one of the Australian ports will likely give their passengers a chance to head off on an excursion into the Australian Outback. Bone dry in some places, the Outback features a number of excellent rock formations. It also offers a glimpse into the prehistoric past. Fossils of the legendary Australian mega-fauna have been found in caves in the region.

5) Wellington

Any stop in New Zealand would not be complete without a full exploration of the beautiful city of Wellington. There are a number of theaters, museums, and educational institutions in the urban center. Because the city is the capital of the country, it offers a number of excellent dining establishments for those men and women who are food enthusiasts.

6) Mountains and Rainforests of New Zealand

The rural areas of New Zealand are perhaps even more popular with tourists than the urban areas. The towering mountains and lush rainforests offer nature lovers the chance to experience a number of different animal and plant species. Some people might even plan a backpacking trip through the wilderness. New Zealand is so widely known for its varied geography that it is often used as the background setting for many Hollywood movies.

7) Marine Wildlife

In between visiting Australia and New Zealand, cruisers will also find the chance to view some exquisite marine life. With luck, pods of whales and dolphins will be seen happily bobbing in the waves. Men and women who are fishing enthusiasts might even try their hand at the sport. Brilliantly agile seabirds will also turn up here and there.



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