Top Reasons To Love LinkedIn

Paul Hurdsfield was telling me that nearly 60% of professionals see LinkedIn as their most important social network. It is one platform that is essential for any ambitious professional, whether they are trying to move their business forward or seeking climbing up the employment ladder.


The platform is full of features which Paul Hurdsfield thinks are super useful and make it easier for you to stand out. Here are some of the top reasons why people are loving LinkedIn:

It is huge

It is the biggest professional network on the planet and has more than 400,000,000 people using it – that number keeps on increasing month after month. The sheer size of it means that you get to access contacts from all over the world, you are also visible to them which increases your chance of success.

First on the list

Did you know that if someone searches for your name on google, it will be your profile on LinkedIn that shows up at the top? So if people want to know you LinkedIn is absolutely essential. We all know that when we search online for something we only really click the top few results – so if you don’t appear in them when people are searching for you it is a big negative.

Keep in touch

In this ever changing environment it can often be difficult to keep up with your contacts. LinkedIn answers these problems and offers the best solution to stay in touch with people. For example, if a fellow colleague moves on from your company there’s no need to worry about losing contact, you can easily find them on LinkedIn and contact details such as email address.

It helps with Google

Every link that you add to LinkedIn – you are allowed 3 on your profile – will be picked up by Google. They are visible to everyone who visits your LinkedIn profile, that creates traffic and that is important when it comes to how the links rank in search results. You need to make sure that you have your profile set to ‘visible’ so they get you that ever important google juice.

It’s for business

We all know that most social platforms are a place where you can post pictures, videos and show the world what you had for lunch. LinkedIn is certainly not because its sole focus is business. That is what makes it stand head and shoulders above other platforms for professionals.