What should you eat while in Alicante?

Spain has long been recognised as an amazing destination for foodies and, no matter where in the country you go, you’re certain to have the opportunity to tuck into delicious dishes. One place that I think is particularly good for those eager to try fantastic fare, however, is Alicante. Head here on your next holiday and you’ll get to sample a great array of food and drink while savouring the sights of a chic, cosmopolitan city.



As you may expect, it’s possible to try a fabulous range of international cuisine in Alicante. While you will find you can sample dishes from every corner of the globe, I think that you should make a special effort to try some of the local specialities. To do so, I feel, enables you to truly experience Spanish cuisine on your holiday (something which can be booked by¬†clicking here) and you’ll get to tuck into food that is simply unavailable back home. If you’re keen to enjoy some authentic Alicante cuisine – and I really think you should – here are a few of the local dishes you ought to try.


While paella is one of Spain’s most famous culinary exports, if you are spending some time in Alicante I suggest that you try fideua. This consists of many of the same ingredients as you would find in a seafood paella, although it substitutes rice for noodles.

A wide range of fish and seafood can be found in fideua, with the particular produce used varying depending on which restaurant you choose to eat in. In certain places you can have prawns, Norwegian lobsters or anglerfish, while some establishments choose to use squid or cuttlefish ink in fideua, which sees the dish develop a jet-black colour. You can also expect some variation in the noodles that are used. Certain cooks will opt for very thin vermicelli, while others will go for something with a thicker consistency such as spaghetti.

Fideua is an incredibly popular dishes throughout this part of Spain, so it is certainly something I recommend you look out for when browsing restaurant menus. Of course, if you’re staying in self-catering accommodation you could even have a go at making it yourself. In fact, in the nearby town of Gandia competitions are regularly held to see which resident can prepare the best fideua, so you might want to see how your cooking skills compares to those of the locals.


I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy tucking into some local desserts while on holiday. One dish I certainly advise you to try in Alicante is turron. Although it’s most commonly eaten at Christmas, it’s available all year round and can be bought from most supermarkets.

This dish is a nougat that features toasted almonds and egg whites and has a lovely golden colour to it. Eating turron is a great way to finish off a meal and is particularly delicious when it is accompanied by a full-bodied sweet wine or a sparkling wine such as Cava.


Lastly, I’m going to look at anise. This locally-made liqueur incorporates both the flavour and taste of aniseed and, as it has an alcoholic content of between 40 and 55 per cent, it’s quite similar to drinks such as ouzo and sambuca.

When combined with water, anise makes a drink called palomita. Translucent in colour, this beverage is refreshing and is said to aid good digestion.

These are just some of Alicante’s best dishes, but if you’re planning on taking a foodie holiday to the city let us know what delicacies you look forward to trying by posting a comment below.


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