What to Eat in New Zealand

So you’ve booked that epic trip to New Zealand- ready to explore the jaw-droppingly gorgeous islands, such a unique biosphere that they contain plants and animals seen nowhere else in the world! Not to mention the many cultural experiences, adventure sports and other nature activities available in this incredible country. But if you want a true local experience, what sort of cuisine should you seek? We always hear about the beauty and nature activities in New Zealand, but what about the food? Here’s the break-down of the best things to eat in this awesome country!

New Zealand’s cuisine is quite varied due to British, European and Pacific Rim influences, but today you can really find food from all over the world here. The very best food uses ingredients harvested locally from the ocean and land- often centering around a meat dish. Local favorites include New Zealand sausage– made with ground beef or mutton, and meat pies for a meal or snack. Pies are very commonly eaten in both Australia and New Zealand, served individually and filled with meat, gravy and vegetables (you can also find vegetarian versions with mushrooms and cheese!) Oftentimes you’ll see the two combined- sausage and pies in a sausage pastry roll!

A visit to New Zealand is not complete without trying one of the local favorites- fish and chips served in paper and usually with tomato sauce. New Zealanders also love to throw a good Kiwi barbecue, with seafood, beef and lamb, so if you have the chance to meet some locals, it’s a great way to experience their friendly and laid-back culture.

In the last few decades, coffee culture has exploded in New Zealand so now you’ll find cafés all over the place serving up gourmet coffee. It’s quite a competitive industry here, with baristas all vying to create the best cup of coffee around. New Zealand also has great wine, so wine tasting at some of the vineyards (or eating at restaurants attached to them) can be a great activity.



In the sweet category, New Zealand’s signature treat is hokey pokey– a simple yet delicious ice cream. It’s vanilla ice cream studded with toffee pieces, and the Kiwis are completely passionate about this signature dessert! They declare that it’s set apart from regular toffee ice cream elsewhere- apparently the secret comes in the consistency of the toffee! Just make sure and give it a try!

If you have a chance to visit Auckland, you’ll find more than 900 restaurants serving food from all over the globe, from Spanish to Pan-Asian, European and everything in between. But definitely try some of these New Zealand specialties for a real taste of the local culture and cuisine!




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