Working Online: How Does the Money Work?

Working online 2For all of the money-saving tips there are, traveling long-term only works if you can afford it. If you have sufficient savings to start with it may not be an issue, but being able to work while you travel can allow you to stay on the road for much longer, or even indefinitely. If you don’t want to settle down in one place and work temporarily, your options are more or less reduced to working online. So how can you make it work?

There are a surprisingly large number of options available to the enterprising traveler. Teaching English or another language online, selling freelance photos or articles, or setting up a blog or website with affiliate advertising or other forms of revenue can all be dependable options if you play your cards right. All of these jobs start small, but with more experience and exposure can become quite profitable—maybe even enough to create savings in addition to paying for your daily expenses as you hop from country to country.

Working online 1For any sort of online work to actually benefit you, however, you need to be able to access and move funds remotely. For some transactions, setting up a free PayPal account is all that is necessary. For larger or more official transfers, you may want to use a professional banking service when sending money abroad. As your income grows, establishing accounts with offshore banks such as these provides a variety of advantages. International transfers are easy, interest rates are competitive, and access to funds is convenient and flexible, 24/7. Another bonus is that possessing accounts in multiple currencies allows you to avoid exchange rate fluctuations, a factor that can really help in the unreliability of today’s economy. Professionals at these banks can offer guidance on how best to save and invest your money, making them a valuable resource. LloydsTSB offshore banking and other companies offer these services, which you may find useful in maximizing your return for work you do online while you travel.

However you choose to make your money while you’re traveling, you’ll need to have access to it. It is to your benefit to make it go as far as possible by allowing it gain interest in a real bank account and pay less in withdrawal fees by using an offshore service. Using a professional service will make your travels last longer, so there’s no reason not to look into your options and take advantage of them.


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