Why You’ll Love a Capsule Loaded Coffee Maker

If you have been thinking about getting a new coffee maker for your home then stay away from the moka pot, the French press or any other type of coffee maker, and instead invest in a great capsule loaded machine. There is so many benefits to using these machines which we are going to look into today and in busy world it is the perfect way to enjoy a high quality cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Here is exactly why you will love having a machine like this in the kitchen.


One Buy

If you were to invest in another coffee maker then you are also going to have to do some research into the coffee you buy, you’ll need to look for the best coffee grinders to make your grounds and you’ll also have to play around with different grinds to get the right texture, unless you are seriously passionate about coffee that all sounds a bit much.  With these machines however you simply need to buy the machine and some coffee capsules, and that is all.


Whilst a real coffee aficionado may not be a big fan of the coffee that these machines produce, the reality is that the majority of people love the coffee that is made using the pods, and you will too. Most who say this about the flavor actually dislike the method, rather than the results.

Range of Styles

When you invest in a machine like this you can have multiple coffee options at your fingertips because the range of pods that you can buy is incredible. Instead of having to fill up a cupboard with bags of coffee from around the world, fresh coffee that is perishable I may add, you can have a small area of the kitchen filled with pods from coffees from all over the world. If you pay a little extra and get a coffee subscription then you can have delicious coffee pods delivered to your door every month, the perfect way to sample different varieties of coffee without committing to purchasing a large amount.


The ease with which you can make a delicious cup of coffee with these machines is incredible and all you have to do is fill the chamber with water, pop in the pod or capsule, hit a button and let it do its thing. The drinks are made very quickly thanks to a fast water heating element and this really is a godsend when you are rushing around in the morning and you need a cup of coffee to get you off to a good start.


This is by far and away one of the most cost effective coffee machines that you can buy and in the last few years the cost of both machines and pods has really come down to a reasonable price, making it a purchase that is accessible to the majority of people, rather than it being a luxury item.

Can you see yourself buying  one of these in the future?