Visiting Porto

Portugal’s second largest city, Porto has much to offer the visitor, from fascinating architecture to modern art, sea views to street markets. At just over 2 hours flight time from London you can explore this coastal city in a long weekend, or stay longer to

Authentically Moroccan eats

One of the best things about travelling to exotic countries is being able to sample new cuisines and exciting flavours. Morocco is certainly no exception, with this nation boasting some incredibly rich and flavoursome dishes. If you’re planning a trip to Marrakech, there are some

Top authentic dishes to try in Hanoi

Vietnamese cuisine is rapidly earning a reputation for being among the most interesting and delicious in the world. Of course, there’s nothing like tasting the most authentic dishes in the country itself – and Hanoi is a particularly good place to do so. Now, before

The World’s Most Beautiful Locations

The World’s Most Beautiful Locations

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, many people’s presents were the promise of a holiday to a romantic destination. News outlets, including CNN, have published their lists of cities to visit this year, highlighting the romance of Paris, Cape Town and Honolulu. Others choose to